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Sunsilk Dream Soft and Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner Review and an apology

I wanted to review the Sunslik Dream Soft and Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner.
 No, I actually want to do a lot of posts. But, looks like fortune is playing her tricks! Right now I am too much caught up and trust me, I hate posts which has bad photos. And, as luck would have it, even if I manage some time, the sky would be over cast and what is more spoilsport than this? At last, I decided to shoot in the evening, with flash. So, beware, the next couple of posts might be unattractive, at least photo-wise.

Why I changed My Shampoo: I had been using and raving the Sunsilk Thick and Long Shampoo and
conditioner for a really long time. Then why change it? My hair had become too used to it and since I had been using it regularly for the last three years, at last, it was leaving build ups. I'm not sure f the formula had changed either. But the last few months, every time I used it, my hair was weighed down and I was experiencing a bit of hairfall. So, I decided to try out this other variant and so far so good.

My Experience:
Shampoo: I feel this one is slightly runnier than the pink variant and certainly lighter. Since my hair is fine, I have to be extra cautious. But it did not weigh my hair down and in fact, it feels even milder while it completely cleanses my scalp.

Conditioner: This one is definitely runnier than the pink Thick and Long  Variant and is less moisturizing. I don't mind that since I would follow up with a hair mask anyway.

The Duo: I am overall happy with these. While they do not do anything sensational,

I Like the facts that 
  • These are easily available.
  • Not excessively pricey. I think these are about 110 INR for 180 ml. I am going for the bigger size next.
  • lather well and cleanse my scalp.
  • Do not leave my hair dry.
  • My hair feels bouncy and I can get away without washing for two days.
  • leaves my hair shiny and soft.
  • Does not add to the woe of hairfall.
Things did not impress much because
  • It did nothing sensational.
  • The 650 ml is not availably. :P I know, I am always asking for too much

Shall I repurchase? I have used up the shampoo and I am definitely buying this one soon gain. It is going to be my everyday shampoo henceforth.

That's all folks. Once again, sorry for the images. let the sun shine and I am getting back with nice posts I promise. :)


  1. I have this same shampoo and love it! Good review..

  2. Nice review! I am using their pink one. thick and luscious!

    1. I had used that one for the last 3 years which is why I needed to change my shampoo now :)

  3. Hey nice review :) and I just finished up the pink one from sunsilk... will try this soon.. :)

    1. I have been using that one for the last three years. hence,changed it. it's a good variant I would say

  4. Haha, seems you're a suck for big bottles! Hi5, if youre. People like to buy travel sized bottles and I am always like, do you have a bigger version of this bottle. Pretty funny it is!
    I am lost trust in this brand from a while now.
    Also, I ahve been using Nature Secrets shampoo and conditioner for almost 3 months and it did sensational things to my hair!

    1. LOL!! True. The big bottles are really supersavers. So, in case your sholw family is using it, you are going to love it. What happened with this brand?

      I haven;t heard of nature's secrets. Shall watch out for it for sure.

  5. it has been ages i havent used sunsilk shampoos.. but yes it is ecessary to change shampoos .. i usually alternate with tbs banana and dove shampoos

    1. yeah. I learned it in the hard way it seems. I have wanted to try the banana shampoo for ages, but I don;t know why I never manage to end up buying them :(

  6. The Lighting Doesn't Matters much as long as these are skin care posts. It's swatches that need proper lighting and I still have a tough time swatching makeup! Phew!

    I'm Definitely trying this shampoo.. I love shampoos that provide volume1


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