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Anne French Hair Removal Creme with Convenience kit might indeed be convenient to use

I have been really keeping busy since the last few days and blogging seemed to have taken the back seat. But fret not. Because my experiment with cosmetics have not. I have been sent a few kits from Anne French to try out.

Now, I myself always prefer waxing and yes, I do it myself. Pretty brave huh? But once you get waxed, you have to wait up for the full growth again else, you cannot wax effectively. It did not occur to me before, that I could use hair removal creams in the mean time.

Anyway, here is my thought.
The Anne French Hair removal kit comes with a tube, an applicator head that looks like the slant head of lip-gloss tubes. yes, the purpose is the same...even application of the product.You are supposed to remove the tube cap, screw on the applicator head. Spread the product evenly. After sometime, remove it with the sponge provided.

I had put on the cream. I needed a little less than two tubes for the whole of my legs and my hands. After a few minutes, I wet my sponge and kept rinsing and wiping my hands and legs with it.
Voila! Everything came of clean!

I think  had I a full growth on, it might have taken more time. But not now.

Another difference I noticed was that, as a teenager, I had used Anne French before. But honestly, it did not always effectively remove the hair and the hair grew back quickly. I'm not sure about the growing back part, but surely it does get rid of unwanted hair effectively.

inexpensive. For 60 bucks a pack, at 120 to get everythong done ( 2 kits for everything), I am liking it.
Effectively removes the hair.
It has been about  days since I used and I see no significant hair-growth. But mind, I did not have a full growth before I used it.
It can be easy to use while traveling.
The sponge is really a plus point. Removing the goop was such a pain and it disgusts me ( not that it is a pretty sight anyway) :P
The squeeze tube applicator makes applicator easier


Unlike wax, once you are done, you are not set off for a month or two. You have to use frequently.
Which is a hassle for me. But that's a personal preference.

Overall, I think this is a good alternately to razors between waxing or if you prefer using a cream, you might like it.

I would recommend it to every body who prefers cream and would suggest the wax ladies to try this out between waxes.

Product by the brand. Honest opinion       


  1. The Price is Rs.60 or Rs.120? I Didn't Get It :-s

    And, This Seems Really Nice n Convenient!

    1. 60 for a pack and 120 for 2 packs for a complete session=120 iNR :P
      It is I think

  2. I felt that hair removal creams leads to hard hair growth afterwards and off-course they are lot messy

    1. Could be. Definitely, I myself prefer waxes over creams. But These could be a good option between

  3. looks like a great product ! nice honest review ... I somehow don't like using hair removal products
    xoxo Shreya

    1. I do see your point Shreya and can't help agreeing.

  4. Sounds nice... But I feel these creams make my skin darker somehow.. :(


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