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MUA ( Makeup Academy) Blush shade 04 is definitely worth having in your kitty

I had hauled from MUA sometime ago. ( I think it's time I showed you my entire MUA collection which
is not big, but still, I am happy with it). As I was placing an order with my friend , I put in a couple of MUA blushes as well. After possessing this one for the last ummm.... 7 months... I think it's time I reviewed it.

At first, I wasn't much impressed. You might laugh if i tell you the reason. I felt the blush is too pigmented!!

I also noticed that the blush was too powdery which is also one reason I did not like at first.

Too much of pigment+too much of product on the brush= more than what I can handle!!

Then , I started playing around and remember the 70 bucks brush kit I got? The brush in it is just too soft and doesn't pick up too much product at a time and really helps in building up the color an looks very natural.
Bottom line, problem solved!!!

The color: The color itself is wonderful for my NC40-41 skintone and I have no problem in it showing up, in fact, as I said, it's too pigmented! It's a peach  tone which would flatter both warm and cool tones alike.

So, likes and dislikes:

  1. Pigmentation. It's superbly pigmented.
  2. 2.5 gram for 1 GBP ( about 100 INR now and about 150 including shipping is not bad)
  3. The package is good. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean they neglected the package.
  4. Good quantity for the price.
  5. I honestly do not know how long it stays put, because I am always running around and have no time to peep in the mirror. I'm sure even industrial quality dye would not stay put for 12hours on my oily skin.
  1. Too much of pigments in a blush can be disadvantageous to some. But, I am happy.
  2. Since it's available only online here, we have to pay international shipping. But if you keep and eye, MUA Cosmetics offer low shipping at times. ( I wish they always did :P )
Overall,  I think every one should get this!! I am loving this blush. I wouldn't say I expect the world from it, but these are definitely more than what I paid for.

In fact, I am too happy with my MUA products!


  1. You are right Nivi! At the price, it's amazing. MUA's one pound range is wonderful!

  2. I Have This Blush Too n It's Really Berry Pretty! :D

  3. beautiful shade :) the price is totally amazing just 1 GBP ;) But I hv seen this selling about Rs499 in some on-line shops,so its definitely not worth that much?what do you think?I hv same complexion as urs and want to try blusher,i am also kinda new to makeup,so any good blusher suggestion will be wonderful.thanks.


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