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I am taking out Lakme 9 to 5 lipcolor in Poppy and Garnet Spray again!

 Lakme 9 to 5 lipcolor in Poppy and Garnet Spray photo review swatches
I'm sure that anybody living in India has one point of time or other have used Lakme products, more specifically the lipsticks. Honestly, however you might diss, I like Lakme products ( except for a few of course).

Be ready for a shock. I have got these two lipsticks when they were first launched. My sister gifted
them to me. Back then, I was excited about long stay lipstick. But the fever has now ebbed away. Blame it on my love for creamy lipsticks.

Anyway: I have got two shades from the line:

Poppy Pink and Garnet Spray.

Poppy Pink is a lovely light shade of pink with mild shimmers and it looks very natural on me. Rather so natural that it doesnnt almost show up. LOL
The garnet Spray is a lovely plum color? It's a pretty vampy one which is why it has been resting in a corner for a very long time. I like my lip colors bright and vibrant!

My experience: They go over nicely, but unlike the new 9 to 5 ones, they do not really feel weightless. They do contantly remind you of their presence. It's a kind o dryish stikyish feeling but not too much to make you unconfortable.
Mind, they are not creamy. So, moisturize your lips on the night before.

The staying powder is greater than the enrich satins ones. But definitely nothing miraculous.

Good selection of shades.
Not overtly uncomfortable.
Doesn't  overtly dry out the lips.
Stays longer than normals creamy ones.
Easily available.

I prefer my lipsticks creamy.
I'm ot going gaga over the texture.

That's it ladies. I have also got two lispticks from the new office collection and they are worldas apart is quality ( in a good sense though) :D

So, stay tuned for those reviews.


  1. Garnet Spray looks awesome! Wonder if there is a similar shade in any recent collection of theirs

    1. Good thing! Do let me know if the same shade is still available.

  2. Replies
    1. I am being a bit more partial towards Poppy. :P

  3. Poppy pink seems worth trying!

    1. It's a very flattering shade... at least on me.

  4. Garnet Spray looks amazing!! My must have!!!! :D

    1. I'm not sure if you want to go with such dark color. But it looks good in photographs.

  5. Garnet spray looks really pretty

  6. The shades look great and lovely Nivedita.. Liked both of them :-)

  7. The shades are good but I fail to understand why they had to add tonnes of shimmer to it.

  8. I loved Both! Poppy Pink is my fav...Such a gorgeous shade...I want to try one from this range! :)


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