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Smoky eye makeup instructions that would rock you

I had promised to come up with an instruction of how I did the easy peasy smoky brown eyes which you can wear even in the day time. I have not shot step by step tutorial since I was in a hurry when I was going out. Anyway, I think this elaborate tutorial would help. Sorry, the one I showed wasn't that good. But as I intensified it later, it did look wonderful! I shall do it again and shoot everything for you. I can promise you are going to love it.

I prepared my lids with Inglot eyeshadow base in shade 01.

First I applied some of Colorbar's I define pencil in Black on my lids. Since it does not smudge much,
would create a good base. I applied it on my lid till my crease.

Next, I took some of Illamsqua's eyeshadow in Verneau to create a gradient.  With a fluffy dome brush, I blended it onto the eye sockets.

Then, I took the brown shadow that is left in a  sample baggie. My friend Kuheli had given it to me. I have transferred the contents into a tiny pot. But whatever is left in the bag is going a long way. With my Coastalscents dome shaped crease brush, I applied the brown on the crease focusing more at the corners.

Next, I took some charcoal grey shadow from Maybelline's mono range. It's an old shadow , but I do love using it. ( watch out the dent in it!) I so wish Maybelline reintroduced this line of matte shadows. I applied it with faces' eyeshadow brush. ( Oh dear!! I love this brush!)
I packed it on the entire lid with the Colorbar I define as the base. I blended it well to ensure that it does seamlessly into the crease color.

I took the plummy dark brown shade from MUA Heaven and Earth palette and with the Bourjois smudge brush, applied it to the lower lashline.

Last but not the least, I did my waterline with Colorbar I define and a thin line of Maybelline gel liner on the upper lid.

A coat of mascara and that gets me set for the game!!

Hope you found the post easy. I wish I had time to shoot everything in leisure. But these days I am too pressed for time. A scholar's life is not an easy one.



  1. The look does sound good! Do post a pic of the final look whenever you get the time :)

    1. I would for sure Swati. I just need to stay home a bit :( But I can promise that I would .

  2. Yes I also wanted to see the final pic!

  3. Sounds pretty good..

  4. Sounds nice , a pick of final look would have been great ..

    1. I would do that very shortly Shweta :)


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