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Tmart.com 88 Pearlescent Eye Shadow Palette is my new bestie!

My review, photo and swatches of Tmart.com 88 Shadow Pearlescent Palette.
As luck would have it, Tmart.com sent me a palette to review. First, let me confess my weakness for palettes. Second, let me also confess that these days I am wearing so much of neutral makeups. But I am still enjoying intense smoked out blues and greens.

Coming back to the palette, as the name suggests the palette has 88 eye  shadows! Yippie!! Each is of the size of a 25 p coin. But I'm sure the shades would last me a life time.

My experience:
My expectations
 I would put down everything in the pros and the cons. But let mention certain things. While I was
waiting for the palette I was really apprehensive because I read online that this palette is not pigmented enough.
Tmart.com 88 Pearlescent  Eye Shadow Palette

Let me tell you in this context, normally the big palettes never have eyeshadows that are equally pigmented. I have a bhcosmetics Day and Night palette. Some shades there are just useless while some are extremely pigmented.
Pigment and Texture
So, I was in a word expecting a pretty crappy palette to be honest. But things took a turn! The palette has a large selection of neutrals and also of vivid colors which are arranged by color groups. ( Good for me because that is what I can wear on everyday basis). I use my Inglot Eyeshadow base and the neutrals show up really well on me.

Tmart.com 88 Pearlescent  Eye Shadow Palette
 Most of the shadows in this palette are soft, pigmented. There are a few that are hard and did not swatch when I swiped my fingers on it. But wonderfully, with a brush, they worked well. Which is surprising for me.

Besides the  eyeshadows blend really well and have minimum fall outs.
I think this way, the palette really wins. The Tmart Eye shadows fared really well.

The shadows are supposed to be pearlescent. That way they are supposed to be slightly shimmery. But mind, these shadows are except for the gunmetal black, the shadows are matte.

Since swatching all the 88 shades would be tiring both for you and me, I swatches a few random shades from each shade group.

Tmart.com 88 Pearlescent  Eye Shadow Palette

Staying power: Kolkata is extremely hot and humid these days. I wore a smoked out green makeup. At the end of the day... about 8 hours, when I came back home, my makeup was in tact. No creasing or fading and I was extremely happy with it!

The packaging is really sleek and sturdy. but the mirror is not good.
 I received the product withing 7 days of shipping and it was wrapped so well that not a single shadow was broken. So, even better!

What I do not like:

  1. The fact that it does not have a good number of intense blues. I wanted a matte black and a few rosegolds as well.
  2. The shades are difficult to layer.
Overall: This is all I have to say about the palette. I am loving this beauty!  I really don't see why I should not love it.
Wait up for an eyemakeup look and a photo tutorial coming up soon.

Product by the brand. Honest review.


  1. I loved that eyeshadows turn out really pigmented!!
    waiting for the EOTD'd dear.. :)

    1. Thanks Poo. Yes. I was so scared at first.

  2. It looks really good!! The colors are pigmented as well! :)

    1. Exactly! Normally neutrals rarely show up on me.

  3. Wow really well pigmented one Nivi :D

    1. Thanks Radha.Yes. it's just gorgeous.

  4. I love palettes too..compact all in one place and so many options..
    I have one..review coming up soon!

    1. True!! I love that chaos of colors that a palette normally has!!
      Yes, I lately read your reviews ans swatches of buyincoins.com palette and loved it!


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