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Tresemme Anti Hair fall Shampoo and conditioner has a love-hate relation with me

My thoughts on Tresemme Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and condioner ( photo and review)
Since I have been experiencing hair fall, I had hoarded on hair products. This duo has been there with me for quite some time. On seeing rave reviews every where, I jumped into the bandwagon too... or 'brandwagon' should I call it? :P
It took to to use up the whole bottle before I could makeup my mind.

My experience:


I started using it when no other shampoo would suit me. Rather, there were more hair in the drain than on my head ( Errr.. almost that is.)
Fortunately, since my first wash, it did not add to the woe. In fact, the more I keep my scalp clean, the less hairfall I get.

At first, I thought it was preventing hair fall. But no. During the hair fall season I realized, it doesn't prevent it but does not add to the woe. Isn't it a good thing?

On regular usage, I felt my hair was voluminous, but it was feeling dry. I had to get back to deep conditioners.

What I liked about it:

Did not add woe to the hairfall problem.
Made my hair shiny.
Gave volume.
Kept my scalp clean.

What I disliked:
With regular use, my hair felt a bit dry.


I have no complaints against the conditioner. It moisturizes my hair really well and does not weigh down my fine hair which is what most conditioners fail to do.

This is it ladies. I know, I have been really slow on blogging. But I am saving the Sunday for some shooting provided the sky behaves itself!

Until then



  1. Never used Tresemme. Might try the conditioner. Very well written dear <3

    1. Thank you. I don't think the conditioner is anything miraculous. But won;t hurt check out. :)

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  3. it add to my hair fall
    hence i stopped using it Nive :(

    1. That's horrible!! I am not buying it again in that case!

  4. I too find it average though it doesnt caused me hair fall. Try the climate control range. Its good.

    1. Hmmph! I have that one as well. Have to give it a try in that case.

  5. Even I have this love and hate relation with this product!

  6. I have completely hate relationship with this shampoo :(

  7. I have heard so many mixed reviews of this one...It seems to work on a few & I guess to the rest its just not doing well... :( Very well reviewed dear...

  8. Definitely shampoo and conditioners is most important product which helps on hair fall problem. From your experience I came to know how to prevent hair fall.


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