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Kiya Bath and Body Neem Soap might be a 'Wonder Bar'

Kiya Bath and Body Neem Soap
This is also a long pending review. It was near the beginning of summer that I received this handmade soap and a great cream from Kiya Bath and Body. I knew the cream was great because I got to use it for about a week before the beginning of summer. But since summer is a time for my skin to get oily, I could not use it much. (Wait up for sometime more. My skin has started parching again). But, in the meantime, let me review the Neem Soap.

Summer is a good time for me because I love bathing. Yes, call me freak because I do love Indian
summers ( as long as don't have to stay out too long).

As it happened, I suddenly noticed, I had been having horrible breakouts of my back. It was like prickly bumps all over my should starting below neck. ( No it's not prickly heat rashes). It took me sometime to realize that since my hair has grown way past my shoulders, the conditioners were also trying to work on my skin and since my skin is no hair, it was doing no good. In fact, it was breaking out.
It was a weird situation because those would simply not go away. For a few days, I scrubbed hard ( as if my back is a metallic vessel :P).

Then, realizing it's no good, I was mindlessly searching through my cupboard and then I told this soap, " Aha baby! You better be good! I dare not put you on my face right away, but you can get the chance to do wonders"
The soap had crumbled a bit, but as I lathered up the crumbs, it lathered well with some gritty residue which felt pretty much like herb powders. I rubbed it on my back.
I repeated the same on the next day and voila!! The bumps started drying up and on the

third day, it vanished. Seriously? Yes!!!

I was more than surprised.
  • The soap smells good.
  • it works miracles.
  • I needed so little.
I call it a miracle soap and I am going to use it on my face as well. (  Have to ask Bindu, the maker if I can do that.Shall update you ).

I know this sounds like a crazy rave review, but I was pretty much taken aback by the results I saw, at least for my back.The only con is that it's not available in stores.
 But never mind, you can get in touch with Bindu Amrutham who is the proprietor and maker of these soaps. In fact, if you address your skin issues, she would give you customized products. Who can beat that?

You can check out her facebook store here.
or simply mail her binduamrutham@gmail.com

Product by the brand. Honest review. Clueless about the price


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