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Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation did not prove to be the best from Lakme

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation in shell: What I think about it
Most of us, have used Lakme foundation at some point of time or other. Wait, I know this is not the best variant ever. But I am currently on my second bottle of this. After using the whole lot, I feel, this is not something even if you are not in love with,you want to diss completely .
Since I am not feeling ecstatic about this either, let me point out certain things and get into the pros and the cons.

First of all, I am very annoyed at Lakme. Their darkest tones are normally meant for lighter of the Indian skin tones. Which means, by the Indian spectrum, darker skinned girls do not find a trace in Lakme's radar. This is very demeaning.

Coming to Lakme foundations, I feel they make the best tones for my skin which is pretty much yellow.

I had been recommended the shade Marble by the SA. But trust me, that was my first bottle and it was way too light. I hate it when the SAs do that. This time, I got the darkest which is shell and has pretty amount of yellow tones to it.

Coming to the Pros and the Cons.


  • It is water based. So, in dry seasons, this could be a good option because you can just wash it off.
  • It gives a matt finish. Which is something I like. I won;t even set it with loose powder.
  • The shade Shell matches my skin tone well and makes it look fresh.
  • Provides light to medium coverage and effectively hides red acne scars.
  • Price is pretty low. About 110 INR for 30 ml.
  • Feels very light on the skin.

  • Even though it did not oxidize on my skin, it oxidizes in the bottle. One day, the color looked too orange in the bottle and that is when I noticed it. Because of my dusky yellowish skint tone, that doesn't affect too much.
  • I prefer dewy finish.
  • Now comes the worst: It melts like crazy. Do not sweat, do not wash your mouth while wearing this foundations. Everything would come off melting.
  • My face gets oily in the normal course, but it melts in the oil. I won't say that is  the biggest con because almost everything, except for Bourjois Healthymix eventually dislodges from my skin.

I think, if you have dry skin, you can moisturize well before using this one. And that too, you should do it ideally during winters.

I would not really recommend this one and would love to use it up and move on.

That's it ladies. I'm sure you have also used it and hated equally. So, let the comments pour in!!


  1. Sounds decent one!! I haven't tried it yet...

  2. This foundation was my first one in my Makeup journey :p Nice REview

    1. Aha! So, I guess everyone tries this one out sooner or later.

  3. This was first foundation but it flares well on me :)

  4. I had used so many bottles of this foundation cause it covered my acne so well. It was my HG when I knew nothing about makeup! I never use to set this with powder cause I didn't know that foundation is to be set with powder! :P
    Agree very much on the points you made! This foundation fares well in winter though. Lasts for a decent amount of time in winter and photographs well :)

    1. exactly. I wish it was washproof. It would have made my HG in that case.
      LOL. Even some 8 years back, I did not know how to actually use a foundation! :P
      4 bottles!! OMG!!!


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