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Hellen Harper Round cotton pads is one of my best friends;But I don't know if it's 'forever'...

Cleansing routine essentials
This is a long impending post about not something that important but actually important. Did I happen to mention I always cleanse well before going to bed? Yes, it's a habit grown on me since my school days since err... I used to get huge pimples! It was more of a necessity.

Now I realize I have become too finicky about cleansing. I had never given cotton pads a thought before mindlessly picking this up from an online store. ( sigh... the store is still good but they have some
horrible shipping and COD policies which is why I don't shop from them anymore). But I am glad that I had picked these up so mindlessly because never could I have realized what cotton balls and pads can do to your eyes... rather eye makeups.

Mind, this is not the regular reviews. But just a few words. I have not used a whole lot of these pads, but it was my first bunch. The deal was good... I think 120 pads for 80 bucks. I never need the whole pad. So, I separate it up from the middle and that half is enough for my eyes.

Actually, I have a very lengthy cleansing routine which varies depending on if I am wearing make up or not.

For everyday eye makeups, I would first wash my face well with a face wash which removed most of it and then, with my Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser ( Love!!!) and this cotton pad, I would wipe my eyes.
At first I was surprised by how much of makeup which I thought did not exist came off!! Ever since, my journey began. Now, I can't even dream living without cleansing my eyes with this.
I am paranoid about where to get these again at such cheap rate. ( Yes, call me a cheapo!)
Overall, I am too happy with Hellen Harper Cotton pads.

PS: I think I would come up with my cleansing ritual just to horrify you with the pain I take to do that. Hahahaha!


  1. but these pads u get in health and glow also right?
    I buy from there

    1. I don't know. We don't have health and glow in Kolkata :(

  2. never heard of these and never saw these also...but good they are working for u!

    1. Where you live, you would easily find them. Check out Boots and all. I mean, you won;t find the same brand. But they are pretty much the same.


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