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Sunsilk Advanced reconstruction Program Hair Spa Mask is saving my tresses

Sunsilk Hair mask
Before I started having hair woes, I did very little to take care of my hair. It would be just wash, conditioner, some leave in and bam bam!! The dryer!

Now that I have started going an extra mile, things seem to have changed a bit. Not that my hair is the best, but the woes are much in control. ( Shall post about that)

What is a mask supposed to do? The simple answer is deep condition. Throughout the week the washing and conditioning is not always enough. Yes, this is true for you with dry hair as well!
The bottom line is that, along with certain leave in products and deep conditioning at least once a week, I am at last kind of happy with me hair.
Here goes my review.

My experience: It's a thick but neither runny nor dense cream  which spreads evenly on the hair. it has a nice sweet caramelish scent and I love it!
          My hair, in summer tends to be dry at the ends ( I can't stand sweat on my scalp) and naturally I need tons of conditioners. Plus, I deep clean my hair once in two weeks to get rid of all the deposits which might have built up and it kind of strips my hair dry. I would follow up with this hair mask and the result is silk, shiny and voluminous hair!!

I make it a point not to use it on the head. I would just hold my hair near the nape and spread things downwards and leave it on for about a minute in the shower.

The pros:
Good quanity. 200 ml used once a week would last your forever.
Makes the hair soft, shiny and voluminous.
Does not weigh the hair down.

Cons: Haven't found any.

Overall: I am really liking this deep conditioner and yes, I am gooing to repurchase this.
I do recommend it to you if you are looking for something economic and effective.

Product by the brand. Honest review.


  1. Sunsilk products have actually gotten so better.. I recently got a Hair mask from Loreal ..
    Well reviewed :)

    PS : I really like what you wrote above this comments section :)

    1. Is it the total repair? Even though I had detested the shampoo and the conditioner, the mask fared really well on me.

      Thank you for understanding. it was becoming such a bother. :P

  2. Wow! Hair With Volume! Gotta Try This Now!

  3. Yes I totally agree with you!

  4. I love this too!

  5. Sounds like an amazing buy. I'm yet to try this.

    1. I don't think you would be disappointed.

  6. what is the price of this one..dint mention it

    1. Oops! You are right. It's 400 INR for 200 ml. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Doesn't weigh down the hair? This sounds like something I should try! Nicely reviewed!


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