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What came in my post almost made a heartbeat skip!

I had a heart attack!! Ok, that's a hyperbole, but I almost had a heart attack!! Yesterday, I woke up and
found two huge boxes on my table.

No, the postman doesn't creep in, but early in the morning, the postman came and delivered them to my hamper.

First, I was pretty taken aback by the surprise hampers. Second, one of them was HUGE!!
Even though, I was a bit late for work, I could not help tearing them open ( Woman my name :D) And these are what came out!!

The bigger hamper is just huge! It contains a beautiful handwoven tray, a cylinder of scented herbs, a scented candle, three variants of the Dove Elixirs and guess what? Even a book!!
I had heard of The House of Cards by Sudha Murthy,b ut did not expect to find it in Dove's hamper!! A bookworm like me is always pleased by books!
The other hamper, is just too beautifully packed to be opened yet! It contains two body lotions which is what I needed! The other day, I actually bought myself a body lotion and was planning to get more!!

Don't you feel delighted by such surprises?

How would you like to get a hamper like this of your own?


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