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Dove Hair Elixir Dryness Care with Lavender and Olive Oil

Winter is the time I dread. First, I normally get itchy scalp and dandruff and not to talk about hairfall. Luckily, I am doing certain things for my hair which is keeping everything in check. But a part of my routine is Dove hair Elixir Dryness Care.

Dove Hair Elixir Dryness Care with Lavender and Olive Oil

These days, I normally try to get a head massage with either coconut oil or any other hair oil. But there are days when I am in a hurry, but would not want to compromise on  giving my hair a small treat. Along came Dove gift hamper I had shown you here. I received all the three variants. Since my hair,
like my skin tends to get dry, I thought Dryness care should naturally be my first pick.

( let me be honest here. I normally take a lot of time to try out something. Since i have had these only for about three weeks, I have been trying out this variant as of now.)
Dove Hair Elixir Dryness Care with Lavender and Olive Oil

My experience: Let me tell you, this is another product with 'feel good' factor about it. The glass bottle feels good in the hand. The pump disposes the right amount of product and the decorative flower petals inside give everything a luxurious feel. Considering the bottling, I find it difficult to believe that these are priced at 185 INR a bottle!
As Pre-wash treat:
One of the main ingredients of it is mineral oil and which is why I avoid putting it on the scalp. Most of your serums also contain mineral oil which might aggravate dandruff. Now, the instruction says you should put this on your hair shaft. So, I apply it along the length of my hair avoiding the scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes or so.

Since my first shower, I felt the dry tips were softer and after bath, my hair felt more manageable.

The first time, I had put it on my scalp and it kind of felt uncomfortable. But, once I started avoided the scalp and focussed on the hair, it worked way better and I eventually started liking it.

As post- wash treat:

I have also used it after a bath on damp hair. That way, it made my hair soft, but the bounce was reduced.
Next, I started using it on dry hair as a finishing serum ( as directed) and it did work way better. My hair felt softer and shinier and the tips did not look that dry.
overall I got a healthy lookinh hair.

So, the Pros
  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Beautiful packaging with a feel good factor about it.
  3. Amazing scent which is not over the top.
  4. SOFTENS the hair and gives it a shine.
  5. Used on dry hair and sparingly, it takes care of the frizz and dry ends.
  6. Used before a hair wash, it tames the frizz and gives a healthy looking hair.
  • This product is not meant to be used for scalp and used specifically on scalp might aggravate dandruff.
  • Used on wet hair, it might take away some of the bounce.
  • Going over the top would make your hair limp. But that is true for any hair product.

Overall, I am so enjoying the whole treat.

And what am I doing with the hamper? I have put the scented flowers in the basket and would light up the beautiful scented candle and relax! 

Product by the brand. Honest review.


  1. I haven't tried one, gotto try soon :)

    1. Yes. Do try these. I am loving them!

  2. absolutely gorgeous pics and nicely reviewed <3

  3. I absolutely loved the pics Nivedita. <3 I am scared of products that makes my hair limp!

    1. Thank you so much Megha! Me too! I avoid them. These won;t really make your hair limp unless you go overboard.

  4. Nice photos! I haven't tried these Dove oils yet..they have a lot of mineral oil content..

    1. Thank you noticed. I am really happy that you noticed. :D I would say do try one of these for sure. You won't regret.

  5. I am liking the argan oil one a lot!!


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