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Kiya Bath and Body Geranium Light Cream is lighter than you know

Sometime ago, I had featured the Cream from Kiya Bath and Body works and now that after prolonged use, I have almost finished it up, I think I better not delay the review. I have been continuously using it for the last one and half months and have even used it as a night cream. So, here goes my review.

Kiya Bath and Body Geranium Light Cream

My experience: At first I was skeptic putting it on my face since it is not a familiar brand. But the
cleansing bar impressed me so much, I started using the cream on my face. The very first thing I noticed was the cream is actually like a liquid lotion and is pretty runny in texture. It feels very smooth and 'soothing' is the word that even my sister said.  it blends nicely and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It did not feel uncomfortable in summer, bu I refrained from using in any case.
Now that the weather is getting dry, I have been using it. Even as a night cream, it fares well. But, if you are more than 25 and need something extra, this is not 'the one'.
Kiya Bath and Body Geranium Light Cream

  • Smooth in texture.
  • Feels very soothing.
  • Gets absorbed into my skin.
  • It fared on my oily skin well.
  • Did not break me out.
Makes me look fresh.

  • Here is an issue. The pot looks pretty bulky and I thought it was full of the cream. BUT, it is a very thick bottomed pot. Almost hald it's length is solid.So, the actual product is only half of the entire container. I did not like this. It feels very deceptive.
  • Availability is definitely an issue. But, you can always purchase this online through the owner.
  • Now that my skin is getting dry, it is failing to moisturize properly. But then, it WAS meant for oily skin.

Verdict: I am liking this cream and the very fact that I have almost used up the whole of it is certificate enough.

Repurchase? I still like my Elovera cream more. But this is a good one.


  1. Sounds like worth a try :) Where can I get this from? Any online sites selling this?

  2. It is a very good product I would say. You can buy it directly from Bindu who makes it. Check out the store here https://www.facebook.com/KiyaBathNBodyProducts?fref=ts


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