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kkcenterhk 96 shadows ES Eyeshadow Palette is one of my everyday palettes now!

I have always had a very friendly term with kkcenterhk.com . Not that I praise them unduly, but I love them because they do deliver good quality and they were the first brand to sponsor posts. It's a long term relation. So,of course, I love them. I had been previously sent in nail art stuff and since I am not good at those, I skipped featuring them. But, knowing my weakness for palettes, this time they sent in this huge 96 shadows palette!

kkcenterhk 96 shadows ES Palette

My experience: The first and foremost, these are matte to satin finish shadows which I love! I have already got quite a few shimmery palettes and I am matte and satins are a good break. The color
selection is lovely! It's like I can create almost all kind of looks I want to with this palette.

kkcenterhk 96 shadows ES Palette
Each shadow is of the 10paisa size ( if you have seen them because they have been out of circulation for a long time)

When it comes to pigmentation, kkcenterhk shadows never failed me. The shadows are decently pigmented. I, for myself prefer that because too much of pigments can be a bit difficult to manage. But still, I had no issues about the shades showing up on my pigmented lids. From lime green to yellow, from golden to fuchsia or nude or blue and green, the options seem numerous. But mind, like any big palette, not all the shades are equally pigmented, but they are not chalky either.

The following photo is a swatch with light hand.
kkcenterhk 96 shadows ES Palette

The only con I found was the lack of blacks and greys. This is what I complained about my previous kkcenterhk shadow palette as well. I only wish there were black and gunmetal greys to complete the whole array.

Huge number of shades.
The shadows are decently pigmented. ( Good enough for me.)
Sleek casing.
Has a good mirror.
Matte and satin texture which works well.
Stays on for a very long time without creasing.
Affordable at around $17.

It does not have any black or grey which could be used for smokey eye makeup looks.

Verdict: I myself, I am greatly liking this palette and if you are looking for a palette which you could use on all occasions, or a beginner in makeup who wish to practice a lot without breaking the bank,  I would suggest this one. Only thing, you would have to buy a black shadow separately.

Product by the brand. Honest review.


  1. Great palette !! Me like it lots

    1. Yes. KKcenterhk palettes , I feel are pretty good for the price.

  2. I love the shades in the palette. looks super pretty!

    1. Thank you Lisha. yes! they are very workable.

  3. I haven't tried them yet!! I will check them out. Palette looks nice.

    1. Do give them a try if you can. They are really good.


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