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11 Piece Bamboo Handle Makeup Brush Kit review: Part 2 Eyemakeup brushes

I had reviewed the face makeup brushes from my 11 Piece Bamboo Handle Makeup Brush Kit which was shared to me by rosewholesale.com  Since the post was becoming too long, I thought, I better review the face makeup and eye makeup brushes separately.

1 Eye shadow Brush: It is actually a small flat brush and the ends narrow and flat. This added to the firm bristles, make the brush ideal for packing on eye shadows on the lid. The flat end also ideal if you
want to smudge on some shadows on the lower lash line of just smudge out the pencil or cream liner. It's a versatile brush.
The best part:I found it does an amazing job while working with pigments. I used my NYX pigment and I was able to pack it on so nicely without a mess of fall outs!

2 Pencil Brush: I think, I have at last come across the pencil brush of my dreams! The other pencil brushes which I own are all round at the top. Consequently, though they are great at diffusing liners or does precise crease or outer V, they are not too handy when it comes to the lower lash line.
This one has a pointy tip and it just is amazing!

3 This one is an angular blender: I am not the greatest fan of the brush. This one is dense, but the brush is slightly defective... like there is a dent on the ferrule. It does what a regular angular blender would do.

4 Angled Liner: It's a multitasker for me. I have used it to put on gel liner and it works really well. I have tried filling in my brows. But I prefer it as a gel liner brush more.

5 Dome shaped Blender: This one is one of the best brushes of the kit as well. It is not too large ( Like most blenders) , neither too small. It's the perfect size for my small eyes. If your eyes are big, this might not work well for you. But I love it because it's THE perfectly fitting brush for my crease area.

6 Dome shaped under eye brush? I do not know what to call this brush, but I am loving it for everything that matters. It's a dense, dome shaped, yet fluffy brush. I use it to blend in my under eye concealer and it just erases out all the streaks and blends the concealer seamlessly! If you have very large eyes, this could double up as your crease brush as well.

My overall observation of this whole kit
  • The brushes are synthetic and easy to wash.
  • They do not shed much. The bristles that shed were already loose which happens to any new brush.
  • They dry pretty fast. Hence, washing is a not a pain.
  • Since these are synthetic, I see them lasting for a long time and above all, there would be no bugs!
  • Shipping:  The site provides you with tracking details and you should be able to track your order at every step. My parcel had reached Kolkata in just 7 days! But the uncles at the customs delayed it for about 15 days more.

Do I recommend?

That's the whole review my friends. Hope you liked it.

Product by the brand. Honest review.


  1. lovely review.. the brushes look great

  2. Wow the brushes look good. Will try it out :)

  3. sounds good...and great that there is no fallout with pigments!

    1. Yes. Thin stiff brushes are always good to work with pigments.

  4. I so need that dome blender. Looks good!

    1. I think everyone needs it in their life!

  5. I like their sturdy wooden handle :)

  6. Pencil brush looks very good!! :)

    1. I think it's one of the best in the kit.

  7. hey babe great post... btw did u do a post on sigmax dupes?? i was not able to be on blogger for a while... please just attach a link to this comment reply thanks! :)


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