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Pond's Silk Cream might be a boon for oily skin

Winters are less forgiving to my skin. Unlike in summers, my skin becomes parched and dry and nothing less than a good moisturizer would be able to alleviate the situation. Pond's Cold Cream is perhaps one of the most popular skin creams in India. Well, even though it is not sticky, it always broke me out. So, I have always wished for a cream from Pond's which would work for my acne prone skin type as well. Looks like the cosmetic- god had heard my wishes after all.

Not only that, one day, when I opened my eyes in the morning, I found this huge bag on my table. It's a beautiful silver one. Inside, I found a beaded necklace, a flashdrive and a small pot of the new Pond's Silk Cream!

My experience: The cream, on touching feels like normal Pond's Cold Cream. But, when you actually massage it onto your skin, it just gets absorbed in no time. ( My skin is dry at this time of the season). It leaves my skin soft and well moisturized. I love the mild scent and the fact that I can actually put on skin creams!! It has been doing a good job, but my skin is so parched that on certain days I would need other creams and lotions along with this one.

The only thing I did not like... it's not a really big issue. On continuous use, I feel, my skin needs some hydration instead of just moisturizing. If you know what I mean. I like the moisturizing part, but I still feel the need of something more after a few days.

It's inexpensive. This little pot comes for about 40 INR and the bigger sizes are available withing 150 INR I think.
Pond's is a brand you can find anywhere and everywhere.
It works well on my dry skin. But I shall be trying it more when the weather starts transitioning into Summer.
NEVER broke me out.
Gets absorbed beautifully.
Non greasy and non sticky.

It doesn't 'hydrate' if you see what I mean.

Overall: I feel it is a good product and it's good to have it in the market.
Repurchase? of course!
Recommendation: Ladies with extremely dry skin can skip this. But for those with oily to combonation skin are going to love it!!!

Product by the brand. Honest review.


  1. Nice balanced review. I have extremely dry skin :(

    1. Thank you. In that case, you might want to skip this one.

  2. I like this cream too!

    1. Looks like I have another skin soul mate :P

  3. Ponds cream for oily skin?? This is a first for me. I am very curious to try it soon

    1. This is not the 'cold' cream it's silk cream! Do try it. You might like it.


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