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L'Oreal Kajal Magique has joined my black liner bandwagon; What do I think of it? An EOTD

L'Oreal has recently launched an exclusive product for the Indian market. I am so happy! This is for the first time I think, the brand has made something exclusive not for the US or UK, but for India! On that note, let me review the kajal.
My Experience: It is a twist up pencil of the family to which Maybelline's Colossal Kajal or Lakme's

Ikonic belong. It is a simple twist up pencil and the fuchsia on the black makes it looks chic and glamorous at the same time.

On opening, my sister tried it on and her eyes looked so beautiful! It gave a kind of smoky effect!
Later, I realized, it does not give an intense black color on the first go and you have to build it up. This is good in a way if you want quick smoky effect in one go!
I ha worn this on my waterline and lower lashline, and after about 10 hours, I did notice some smudging at the end.

A photo. I am wearing only Kajal Maque as my liner

The Likes:
  • It's inexpensive. 245 INR is not really going to make a gaping hole in my pocket.
  • Once set, it does not smudge unless you rub oil ( The corners of my eyes get oily) or use a good eye makeup remover.
  • Since it is a twist up pencil, there is no worry to sharpen. I won't have to carry a separate sharpener for it.

What did not impress me much:
  • It is touted to be intense black and indeed, from the advertisement, I was expecting it to be so. It did not live up to that.
  • It does stay on for long long hours, but 12 hours is too much.

Overall: I am liking this L'Oreal Kajal Maqique. But, since I get too bored of products, I might not repurchase it.

Product by the brand. Honest review


  1. Looks beautiful on yu dear <3 I haven't tried it, will give a try soon! xx

  2. I like that its more smudge free than the other kajals arnd but yeah...not as pigmented as it claimed!! Lovely review dear :)

    1. Thank you Saniya. Yes, I feel it could do way better in terms of pigmentation.

  3. This may sound irrelevant, but I have no idea how you get such long eyelashes - please send me some of your genes! Mine are stubby, thin and non-existent and I need to wear mascara everyday for them to look like I have eyelashes at all. And they won't fit into curlers.

    1. Haha I saw her eyelashes and thought the same thing.
      I think it's a bengali thing as I have even longer lashes which look really odd with mascara. (By bengali thing I mean that have observed bengalis have certain traits like brows on the sparser side,big eyes,big lashes while thick brows are a North Indian trait,just my observation,agree Nivedita? :) )

    2. Hahahaha! I don't know. My brows are indeed sparse and all of my family members have small lashes. My eyes are not big either.
      I wouldn't really say so. While I have been dying to get denser brows, I know many bong friends have really thick brows.

  4. packaging is nice and though my fav liner is still maybelline however I would love to try this soon.
    Beautiful EOTD

    1. I need to try the Maybelline one now :D

  5. I like it too and have reviewed it recently!! :)

  6. I am about it try it tomorrow.. lets see how it fares on me. I really liked it on your eyes!

    1. Do share your views. I always love reading different opinions!


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