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Tell us about 'Your Hair Spa at Home' Contest entries and the winners are...

I know, at last the time has come when the winners would be finally declared. Damn! It was so hard! I liked every entry and actually wanted to try out every suggestion! But, since I am lazy, I cannot and ultimately, I have to pick out 3 winners. So, what were the entries like? Read here

Here is my SPA at home process which i prefer to do on holidays and i follow this atleast twice a month.

1-Dim the light and play slow old hindi musics.
2- Start massaging oil (a mixture of olive oil,almond oil,coconut oil) on my hair in slow circular motion.

3-Then either steam or wrap a hot towel for 20 minutes.
4- Then wait for 2 hours to penetrate oil into the hair roots properly. In the mean time i also pamper my body by massaging and face by using my fav gram flour face pack which i prepared at home before.
5- then wash hair with shampoo and conditioning well.
6- Then i apply my home made fenugreek seed hair mask for 1 hour. (For that mask i soak fenugreek seeds over night and in the morning mix the seeds with curd and grind to make a smooth paste).
7- Wash again..and the after effect of all is quite awesome…. beautiful shiny hair with glowing face….loved it…

Shikha S
My idea of Hair SPA at home
In summers- Fuller earth+few drops of lemon
add overnight soaked shikakai water
few drops of olive oil and rose water for fragrance.
make a thick paste.
Apply on roots and let it stay for an hour and wash with normal water... This will make hair soft, shinning and removes all greasiness from scalp.. another benefit of this that this helps in reducing dandruff and itchy scalp problem.

For winter a good olive oil massage (10-15mins) by Mum at night. In morning wash hair with your favorite shampoo and pour some bear. Thats it!!! Shining, silky hair

Poo Jain
Hair spa at home means.. getting those luscious and silky soft hair with minimum effort..
I usually indulge myself in homemade hair pack..
1. Either curd + lemon or
2. Aloe vera massage..with some oil (Almond Oil mainly) blended
and if I am really short on time.. just follow with a hair butter after hair wash.. ;)
They works absolutely amzingly and leave me with silky soft hair.. :) :)

My simple hair spa at home ..
take almond oil massage gently
Rub with your finger tips
take towel soak in warm water cover your head to 10 minz
and finally time to shampoo ....
then use conditioner for smooth and shining hair ....
dnt rub your hair with towel ...
bcz they causes for splitting hair ...
softly dry your hair. Waooo. also get full exotic spa so dim light in room and spread lotz of flowers petals and air freshner ... also use candles or a romantic song :)
pampering yourself ... in very differ styl. :)

neha mishra

A Hair Spa for me means pampering my hair inorder to bribe it to become how it used to be... I regularly used to straighten my hair and many times I wudn't use a heat protectant as a result of which my hair has become very dry and thin... :'(
I do a hair spa twice a week....

Once a week I follow this routine(on Wednesdays):
First I apply Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Oil... It has really worked wonders for my hair. I apply it to my hair by gently massaging it into the scalp so that it gets absorbed easily. I leave it on for about 2 hours.
After this I wash it off using Matrix biolage hydrating shampoo and then i apply Loreal 3X Fall Repair Hair Conditioner.I leave it on for around 10 mins after which i wash it off.Make sure to apply conditioner only to the roots and not to the scalp....

Saturday night my Hair Spa process is:
I first create a hair mask using 2 eggs (white only) and 4 tablespoons olive oil.I mix both the ingredients together and then apply them to my hair.After this I wrap my hair in a hair cap.I leave this mask on for about an hour during which i play my favorite music and relax(After all it is the weekend!! :D ). Then I wash off the mask with slightly warm water (dont use very hot water as this dries the hair).Then I wash my hair with my matrix biolage shampoo and apply the loreal conditioner.I leave the conditioner on for 10 mins then rinse it off with cold water.

And that is how i do my Hair Spa.... :D

Bipasha C
Some tips to have a simple hair spa at home :

1) Apply egg whites and almond oil on your hair and wash off

2) Apply olive, almond and castor oil mix on hair and wash off for luxurious tresses

3) Wash hair and apply a conditioner, then rinse with apple cider vinegar, it is really good for conditioning.

4) Mix reetha and amla in equal quantities and apply before washing off

5) Always wrap hair with a damp towel after applying oils as it helps absorb better

those are some simple tips for a quick hairspa,hope they help!

Pallavi Kumar
My frizzy dry hair are really difficult to manage so I do an elaborate hair care routine only on weekend(every) as its time consuming
So to start with I do hot oil massage gently on me scalp as its very sensitive and my hair are frizz prone oil I use is generally mixture of coconut oil , almond oil, cator oil with few drops of lemon (for my dandruff)
I ll keep it for 1-2 hrs n sit in sun for natural steaming
Followed it with shampoo recently started using Dove hair fall control shampoo… really impressed with d results then apply… john freida anti frizz conditionar keep it for 10 min them thoroughly rinse it with warm water not hot
Now very imp thing I towel dry my hair for 10 min and then unwrap my hair press my hair gently with towel DONY RUB HAIR VIGROUSRLY AS IT LEAD TO FRIZZ & BREAKAGE
Then I take few drops of pure argaon oil and rub on my hand and then run my fingures through hair (mainly roots) hlps removing frizznes locks moisture & nourishment, let d hair air air dry them comb them with wide tooth comb
All this I do on Saturday and on Sunday i use homemade hair mask of 1 whole egg + 1 tbsp lemon use + 1 tsp olive oil . keep it for 30 min then wash with warm water.
once a month i apply heena with 1 egg added into…. that my simple routine…
really want to try dove elixir for hair fall control as suffering a lot ryt now.. gingers crossedI Love my hair!
subsribed thru email id : pallavi0128@gmail.com
folloed thru facebook : pallavi kumar ; twitter pallavi28k
Iswarya laxmi
This is how I do a hair spa at home. I mash one banana into pulp and add 3 spoons of honey and 1 egg white.To this thick paste I add 7-8 spoons of milk and 5-6 drops of olive oil and my favourite aroma oil-Rosemary oil.I usually apply this on clean towel dried hair after shampooing and conditioning.I apply this into sections of my hair,give a light massage and finally wrap a towel dipped in warm water..I find this very therapeutic and it works wonders on my dry hair.Only problem is I find it little difficult to wash off but its okay :) I complete this with a rinse of apple cidear vinegar/beer.

Ashma Bano
I simply massage my hair with oil prepared by boiling 1 cup pure coconut oil + 1 cup pure sunflower oil mix with 5-6 hibiscus flowers, 2-3 amla & few drops of lemon. Boil this mixture for approx. half an hour, then cool it down & store it in a bottle. Then just before applying heat the boil in a double boiler & massage with light fingers till it get absorbed. Then wash it off after 2 hours.
It leaves my hair soft, silky & dandruff free.

saloni goel
Hey nivi di,

***My daadi is marvelous in hair massage and so i always request her to massage my hairs a night before washing.
I use coconut oil boiled with curry leaves ((it turns black and is very beneficial for PreMature Greying and Dandruff)) in summers and add few drops of Badam rogan and olive oil in winters.
Next day I wash my hairs using Anti-dandruff shampoo and warm water followed with a Conditioner. This is my regular doing as I don't have much time in Morning.

*****But atleast once a month I use a paste of Henna powder, amla powder, reetha powder and tea water and make a thick paste, let it rest overnight in an iron container.
Next morning I apply over my scalp and hairs and leave for 2 hours, then wash off normally.
Trust me this routine is simple and effective. A little tint of colour with so much care. My hairs feels Smooth shiny and healthy.

Sandy C
Treating hair is a part of my life. I ensure that I always wear scarf while going out. I have a lovely collection of silk scarves. Then comes hair wash. A simple warm hair oil application, leaving it overnight and washing it off with soap nut concoction. Gives me a lustrous hair. Probably once in a month, I apply mashed ripe banana+olive oil pack to the hair and wash it with my soapnut water after an hour. Soft n silky n voluminous hair. Just love it.

And the winners are.... 

1 Snigdha Prusti                      
2 Shikha S
3 Pallavi Kumar

Snigdha's entry gives a complete Spa experience, while Shikha's sound promising which would take care of the scalp while Pallavi gives a solution to dry frizzy hair. In short, each of these three entries gives a complete relaxing session, addresses scalp issue and hair issues.
To the winners: I would be mailing you tomorrow and you MUST respond in 48 hours with your postal address details. Else, I would have to pick another winner.


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