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Review : AVON Naturals – Rose Petal Whitening Mask

By Simi:Going to the parlour for  a facial is a good therapy for the distressed working woman’s soul, but it’s pretty time consuming when you are a lazy lad like me. So, when a colleague suggested this face mask, which is supposed to get rid of the tan on my skin, I thought, “why not?”
Appearance –
It comes in a jar and the content looks yummy enough, but I have tasted it (I maintain this juvenile habit of tasting if it looks good) and it tastes bitter! Anyway, the transparent red jelly substance is attractive and the smell is sweetly soothing.

Nt. Wt.75gm
Price 299/- MRP. But I got some discount as the person is a friend.
It has lots of chemical names, as a starter. Didn’t find any natural or herbal name in the ingredients list other than glycerin and caramel and a couple of fruit and flower extracts, so I am still a bit suspicious whether or not it’s good in the long run for my skin.

Thumbs Up
1. The packaging is good. The jar has an extra paper lid to keep the contents tightly packed.
2. It looks and smells really engaging.
3. The price, as compared to the quantity, is not burning-a-hole-in-the-pocket type. If you use it once a week, it will last you 10-12weeks.
4. The effect on the skin may not be amazing, but noticeable albeit. I don’t get tanned fast but when I do, it’s usually very hard to get rid of it. After the last 4weeks of usage, my friends have told me that my skin looks fresher than before.

Thumbs Down
1. I wish I could trust the ingredients list. I am not a pro when it comes to understanding which ingredient does what, but even a layman like me can say that so many chemicals won’t really be a good influence in the long run.
2. It could have been cheaper.
Would I repurchase it?
No. The next time I am looking for a de-tanning face mask, I will buy something more natural.

Simi or Simantini, by now  really doesn't need an introduction. But she is the friend who has not only supported me in my blogging journey, but has always actively contributed to the growth by writing reviews now and then. If you are looking from a slight change in taste from beauty blogging, read about her thoughts, perhaps the inner thoughts of every woman in her blog Dare to Dream
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  1. Thank you for sharing this review dear! xo

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    1. I am sorry for adding the link of my website you can delete that comment of mine if you want too.

    2. It's alright Samar. Actually, I remove links for some practical issues. please don't mind. :)

  3. this looks pretty good.. nice review dear

    1. Thank you Mayuri! Hope to get more personal views in future :-)

  4. looks nice but i tend to keep away from Avon because they use animal ingredients sometimes i guess..

    1. Thank you for your opinion, Zatheela. I was not aware of this fact. However, my reason to not repurchase this is the excessive use of chemicals.

  5. It looks a lovely product but missing ingredient list is huge con since I have acne prone skin :(
    Beautifully Reviewed Dear :)


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