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Aroma Magic (Blossom Kochhar) Mint Cleanser

By Simi: “It’s a fact universally acknowledged” that I hate to clean my room. So, the exact amount of care and energy I spend in finding newer products to clean my skin. After a few debacles like Lakme
Strawberry Face Wash, I had been sticking to Clean and Clear because it was basic yet effective.

However, while buying Aroma Magic Hydro Gel , I discovered this Mint Cleanser by the same company. And of course I got it!

Price – 150 INR

Nt. Wt. – 50gm

Ingredients – All natural herbal ingredients, and so I am perfectly confident that they will suit even the sensitive skin type.

How I use it –

I almost follow the instructions as on the body of the pack. I take a little amount (you will understand how much is required as you use it) and massage all over my face and neck. Then, instead of rubbing it off, I prefer to wash it off. I have used it when I was on a vacation to Bishnupur, and then I used tissue to wipe off the cleanser. So, there is no residue on the skin even if you don’t wash it, and it cleaned my face after whole days of sight-seeing very well. 

Thumbs Up –

1. You need a very little amount. So even though it seems like 150/- for just 50gms to be bit expensive, it lasts you a little more than a month if you use it once daily.

2. The minty smell is refreshing, and after you wash it off, it leaves behind a refreshed feel on your skin.

3. The soft granules smoothen as you massage it on your skin, so it works well in cleaning the pores.

4. You can remove it both with and without water, so you can use it when out as well, just as I did.

5. Aroma Magic is available almost anywhere.

Thumbs Down –

None so far.

Shall I repurchase and recommend it?

Yes, to both.

I am loving a cleanser after many years of devoted search, so I am not letting this one go. And this is great for all types of skin, because the mint extracts clean the oil of both oily and combination skin, and the natural ingredients soothe the skin.

After reading this review, don’t think that I am paid to write good reviews for Aroma Magic! I am a new user of the products of this range, but I am simply loving all of them! They may not be expensive when compared to many others, but the ingredients and their effect on my skin is wonderful till now.

Check out this space for a review of Aroma Magic Minerals Scrub!

Editor's Note: Simi, now I realize it's the wise who said 'Great (wo)men think alike'. I had reviewed this cleanser before  and I agree with each word you said! I am indeed looking forward to the scrub. Tell you a secret, I use it too. :P
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  1. Never tried this.. looks lovely.

  2. I love Aroma Magic products. Great quality with an affordable price tag! I'll surely check this out :)

  3. i surely shall get this sometime.. nice review Nivedita :)

  4. Lovely, I love AM!!! Will get this!

  5. I love Aroma Magic stuff!! will check this out for sure :)

  6. It looks good! worth trying! Nice review.:)

  7. I have never used this product! Seems nice :)
    Having a mega giveaway on my blog :)
    Do check it out.

  8. I havent tried a lot of AM products but this looks good for my skin type. Thanks for sharing the review dear :)

  9. It was on my list and then i wasn't able to find and so i forgot ! But now reading ur review i realized how much i wanted it in my life! :)
    Nicely reviewed!

  10. Hey do you know where I can find this? :)

  11. I thot mint cleanser would be minty in colour as well...but reviews are awesome!


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