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Dove Hair Elixir Nourished Shine with Hibiscus and Argan oil did make my hair look shinier!

Some time ago I had shown you my hamper which had made me so happy. I had already reviewed one of the hair Elixirs Dryness Care with lavendar Oil  . Now it's turn for the other variants. The Hibiscus and Argan Oil variant is supposed to give your hair a nourished shine.
Dove Hair Elixir Nourished Shine with Hibiscus and Argan oil

Now, there has been some craze about argan oil for some time. So, I was pretty delighted at the prospect of using a product containing argan oil.
This elixir, like the other variants can be used pre wash. That is, you can use this before hair wash and
leaving it on for 30 minutes  should do the trick. As for myself, I prefer using this after hair wash when my hair is semi dry and give it a nice blow out. I also some times, let my hair completely dry and pply a little bit as a finishing product which takes of that dry look from my hair.
My experience:
The good part:

The oil itself, needless to say looks so beautiful! The transparent bottle with hibiscus flowers inside is such a beautiful sight! Coming to the product inside, it smells divine! It is definitely floral, but not the cloyingly floral and every time I use this oil, O cannot resist myself from sniffing it for some time.
Since I use it on semi dry or dry hair, I just take a few drops, rub it in my palms and then apply.
My hair looks really shiny and healthy. I think I ought to be more consistent with this one.
This one is not supposed to help your with dryness etc. The other variant is supposed to take care of that.
But, my hair does look very heathy. The frizz gets much tamed, the hair does not weigh down and best, yes, my hair does look very healthy and shiny and I have indeed received compliments when I was wearing this.

Dove Hair Elixir Nourished Shine with Hibiscus and Argan oil

What did not cut the mark: The greatest con with the entire range of hair Elixirs from Dove is that they all contain mineral oil. Mineral oil does not do any good for my scalp. So, I try to avoid putting this on my scalp. Agreed, the product does not claim itself to be a massage oil or stuff, and it one needs to make an oil lighter, one has to put in mineral oil. Even then, I do not like the idea.
This is the only complaint I have with the product. Otherwise, for the price and quanity, I am glad that I have found a product that does help my otherwise frizzy and dry ends without making me look 'Cheepkoo'!!

Verdict: Yes, I am liking this variant. Even if this is not a part of my every day hair care routine, I would still have it for occasions when I would like my hair to look shiny and nourished. I would be sure it would look the best.
And 185 INR for 90 ml is not really pricey.

If you are allergic to mineral oil, stay away. If you are not and have dry looking or frizzy hair, do give this one a try. You might find a bestie here.

PRsample. Honest review.


  1. Crisp review! When will I ever learn that hair oil is good? :-(

    1. Thank you Simi. Even I learnt it much later. :P

  2. My bottle of this product is lying unused since last year. I just felt so put off reading the 78% mineral oil in the ingredients when Dove advertises it as " real precious oils".

    1. Even I was quite apprehensive at first and did not really expect mineral oils in it. But , a minute quantity as a finishing product is working good on me.

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  4. The only reason I stayed away from these was due to high mineral oil content. I wish they had lesser amount :(

  5. I dont like mineral oils........so I will skip it

  6. I have used the rose version and found it pretty average.. good this works for you dear.. nice review

    1. it doesn't bring any change is the hair but performs well as a styling product.


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