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Kingfisher Bengal Fashion Week: With The Body Shop and Jatinn Kochhar

After the first two collections which almost sent my head reeling, I did not know what to expect from Jatinn. But the surprise was pleasant! There were various cuts and designs and the silhouettes were diverse. ( I know I am stuck with the word 'silhouette'. I am no fashion expert, but my personal opinion

is that it is that over all how to put it.. the silhouette that makes an apparel work and yes, it includes how it fits and complements the body type). Apart from that diversity, the colors on the cloths were not too varied but I felt he stuck to monochromes. But what made things interesting and broke the monotony was the mixing of various prints and patterns. Indeed, it was so suprising and aesthetically pleasant.

The eyes were vivid and the lips toned down -- nude or almost nude. The hair mostly curled or tousled in some sections. I loved the make up that The Body Shop did. In my next post, I would
tell you the most interesting part of the show... yes, about the makeup and the backstage!
 So, stay tuned...


  1. This event looked like soo much fun! I loved ur pics on FB

    1. It was. Thank you so much!! More to come up over here.:)

  2. I loving the dresses but the hair do is not much appealing.
    Nice clicks :)

    1. The hair kind of subverts my expectations which took me rather by suprise.
      Thank you so much dear.


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