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Kingfisher Bengal Fashion Week: Monapali and A.D. Singh

>Last Saturday I attended Kingfisher Bengal Fashion Week held at the Park Hotel . This was in collaboration with The Body Shop India who were the official makeup partner. Incidentally, this is also for the first time I attended a Fashion event and I so enjoyed being there. There were more bloggers from Kolkata and we girls had the best times ever!

The room was crowded and photographers jostled with each other in order to get a view. Now, I am no fashion expert. nevertheless, how can you not expect opinions from a person who would always speak about everything on earth?
Jatinn Kocchar was the designer in focus, but there were other designers as well. The first colelction was from Monapali. They showcased textiles from Bengal and yes, it mostly means sarees.
These days, I am very much attentive to sarees because, I wear sarees to work and I prefer light cotton sarees which would be simple as well as elegant at the same time. I loved the drapes and the prints were so simple and yet so becoming! I noticed the blouses were short sleeved ''air-hostess cuts' as well call it here in Kolkata -- high neck blouses and unusual hair accessories.

They were pleated up and the pallu or 'Anchal' was long and held in the other hand for convenience.
I caught a few shots.

The next one was 'The Crystal Collection' by A.D. Singh. Once again, I fell in love. His style is very different. They mostly comprised of gowns embellished with crystals. I loved the neat silhouettes and the flowy hems.The crystal was not over the top and yet gorgeous. The colors were mostly fleshtones and beige and light coral-oranges.

 The backs were daring. But, I personally felt, they are still very wearable. Like, even though there is some skin show, most of it is left to imagination. The only dark colored apparel was this deep navy blue one with velvette top.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee had predicted a lot of velvet this year and this mixing of the fabrics just seemed amazing.

Reshmi Ghosh was the showstopper and my God! What a beauty she is! I had never seen her in person, but had always admired her beauty. Her skin is dusky and her eyes big and her features so flawless!!

She carried herself with so much of energy! Honestly, I was so engrossed admiring her, that I forgot to shoot more photos.

After that, we had a short break and Bidisha (You much check out her youtube channel. I shall put the link here later ) and Sharmistha and I went out to grab a drink because I was really thirsty. Since it was a Kingfisher's event, there were beers and a few other liquors. I settled for a cocktail and well, the glass was almost the size of a fish bowl.I have not yet completely recovered from the flu that had kept me down, and the break was about to be over. So, I had to drink it up quick!
That's me! ( photo courtesy Sharmishtha)
Then starts the next part of the show. Stay tuned for more posts on this event. You are going to like it.


  1. U look cute!
    Love the dresses! specially that orange one! :)

  2. You are looking beautiful :)

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