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Kingfisher Bengal Fashion Week with The Body Shop India: Backstage, hair, makeup and more!

I had so looked forward to this post. In fact, this one post was what I had looked forward to doing above all. Since I love makeup and we were the guest of The Body Shop India, doubt would be little, I was curious about the makeup. Honestly, I never thought that The Body Shop makeup would actually be used to create the looks. On another event by a different brand, I had seen a different professional brand was being actually used in stead of the products the brand was trying to promote. So, I was pretty surprised to find the Make up artists actually using the products in focus, that is, The Color Crush range. This range is supposed to be intensely pigmented and high quality. Yes, the products used were from this line. The products I noticed were The Extra Virgin Minerals liquid foundations, their all in one compact, some of their pencil liners, eye shadows, blushes etc.

The models were so busy. In fact, opposite to the calm that we witness on the ramp, it's almost a chaos and all about adrenaline in the backstage.

I met my favorite SA over there who is also a makeup artist.

I noticed they were using colored pencils of the same color as the shadows for a base which brings out the intense colors even more intensely. ( I used to follow that trick which I learnt on youtube).

The standard they used were curly hair, bright teal eyes and nude lips or often mild coral/reddish tinges.
Here is a shot of the products used.

I always regretted not being able to do nice hair styles. Realizing it requires more than 2 hands, I had stopped grieving. I understood that  model's job is not really always fun. So many hands working on me would definitely freak me out!

Watch out her eyes. I loved the rose gold on her.

A model giving herself the final touch ups before heading out for the apparel.

Couldn't miss the g1ossy curls!

Prathima, you would find her in one of the stores in Bangalore. Her attentive attitude added to the brush belt some how reminds me of the bullet belts and the heroes of the wild west movies.D

The Body Shop India Team headed by Shikee Agarwal, the chief makeup artist.

Now, some random shots,

A male model getting ready

Me, with Aanchal Raghav, the brand manager of The Body Shop India

Dolon, the sweetheart and I

Porshia and I

How can I miss the narcissist in me?

And a closer glipmse

And we left with a hamper which left me very happy. More so because it contained every thing which I had wanted, including the particular shades! What a co incidence!

Thank you Body Shop India for the amazing event and the invite and not to mention the beautiful hamper!!!
See you in the next post!!


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    1. Yes! It's so good to hear at least one person say that. :P

  2. Great pics! and thts a lovely pic of us. And you are a sweetheart yourself :)

  3. the event looks so much fun! u look lovely!

  4. fabulous pics Nivedita... It must have been quite an experience :)


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