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My Envy Box February Edition: My Take on the samples

I had shown here that My Envy Box was the first Sampler box I had ever tried. I thought of doing small reviews of the samples. To start off, these are tiny samples for one use. So, it is indeed not possible to say that these reviews are the last and final words on the products. This is more of my 'take' on the limited use I had the chance of doing.

Furterer Cartheme Shampoo for Dry hair and dry scalp: There was 15 ml of shampoo in the tube and it gave me two nice washes. It lathered well and the instruction said that one should leave the lather on for 2 minutes during the second wash and that is how I did. No, it is not very moisturizing and
I did follow up with my Body Shop Rainforest Conditioner and after my hair dried, I have a beautiful shiny and voluminous hair.

But honestly, I did not find anything exotic.

Eminence organic Skin Care Chocolate Mousse Hydrating Mask: On opening the little pot, I could barely help from taking a quick lick. It looked like chocolate mousse, smelt like chocolate mousse and the texture looked delicious.

 The first whiff was that of delicious chocolate. But once the top note was gone, it started smelling less like chocolate mousse.Since my skin was feeling very dry, I was expecting this to be creamy. This is not creamy, but dries on the skin. I was used this along with the Thalgo facial Collagen cremes and I woke up in the morning with fresh skin.
But still, I am not convinced if this is a product I badly want.

Thalgo Collagen Creams:
There were 2 tiny tubes of 2 ml each. So, I can barely do justice to the cream. But yes, they were not 'hydrating' but moisturizing enough along with the mousse pack, I woke

up with beautiful skin on the morning after. I really have no comments with these.

The Givenchy Samples: They smell good. But the quantity is really too tiny.

Verdict:All the samples were too small and since they lasted only one use, it is not possible to makeup a mind about the product. At first, I was pretty impressed, but once I tried out the samples and realizing that they do not give sufficient uses, I think 850 INR is a bit too steep.
The only redeeming factor about the box was Forest Essentials Rose Lip Balm which is a good size and I would review separately.

What would I like to see: Some makeup products, either more number of samples or bigger sizes of the samples.

The box was a sample. But my opinion is honest.