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Nivea Soft Cream is my new found love this winter

My skin is weird. It turns very oily in summer. But come winter, it soaks up everything I put on my skin.Since my much loved The Body Shop Vitamin E Day Cream is almost used up, I had to find an alternative which would do some heavy duty moisturizing without clogging my pores. My sister recommended this to me.

Years ago, I had tried using the cream and I had got a pimple on my chin. This time as well, when I first put in on, a felt a bump coming out which luckily did not show up and vanished on the next day.
This cream is meant for all skin types, which gave me the green signal. Plus, it claims to contain jojoba oil which always intrigues me.

My experience: It is a very light cream. Not dense, but very soft and somewhere between being a cream and a lotion. Kind of butter insummer if that makes sense.
It has very mild scent and I love the scent.
On cold winters days, when nothing else worked for me, I would massage a small quantity on my entire face and neck and it brought much relief from the dryness I wished to drive out. No, it never broke me out and honestly, I am in love with the cream.

One warning, unless you use it in small quantity, it might not get absorbed and would sit on your skin making it look pretty oily.

  • Affordable.
  • Available everywhere.
  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Multi purpose. I use it on my body as well.
  • Mild and pleasant scent.
  • Does not break me out.
  • Meant for all skin types. Would suit all skin types. IMO, dry skinned beauties can use this all the years round.


I'm, sure that since this is a very common cream, most of you have used this. I am curious to know about your experience with it.