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The V-Day RIMMEL Surprise!

By Simantini: When my V-Day was spent with only wishes from my students, I had left it to my fate that like every year, I won’t be getting anything as a gift. But few days later, my Maa received a package with my nameon it! And it was from this pretty lady named Nivedita! Here is what I got, and how I am enjoying them.

#1. RIMMEL Lasting Finish Nail Colour
Nt. Vol. – 8Ml
Price – 145 INR

Verdict – Nivedita chose a bright coral nail colour for me which I fell in love with at the first sight. The pigment is rich, and if you apply it for one coat, the colour is a sweet peach, and with two-three strokes you get the bright pigment. The colour stays for about a week, provided you don’t decide to transform yourself into the living and breathing washing machine or dish washer.

I even tried this nail art coupled with Lakme Color Crush Silver nail polish. It looks juvenile, I am aware of that!
#2. RIMMEL Lasting Finish Lip Colour
Nt. Wt. – 4gm
Price – 250 INR

Verdict – Again, she chose a shade which I had been looking forward to buying. This is a mauve with a pink touch to it. It moisturizes really well, and holds on to its promise of being long lasting. It stays on effortlessly for 4-5hours unless you eat something. Sips from a cup don’t take away much of its colour. The smooth feel is comfortable, and the price affordable.
As I was going through the official website of the product range, I found quite a few products I would like to try on, especially after the satisfying experience with these initial ones.

(Will not embarrass you anymore with the thank-you’s, but you made my V-Day, N!)

Editor’s Note: Thank you so much Simi that you loved the makeups. Please do not thank me. Right from the beginning, you had encouraged me into blogging and have oft and on contributed to the growth by writing posts for pleasure. And you writing is like a breath of fresh air to this space. *hugs*
Dear readers, to read more from this beauty with brains, check out her blog Dare to Dream


  1. Lucky u.. the nail paint is very pretty :)

  2. I have the exact same nail paint in green :)


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