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VLCC Sunscreen: Matte Skin Sunscreen lotion with SPF30 UVA UVB

Some time back, I had received plenty of these VLCC sunscreen sachets as gift with purchase. Normally, I do not 'review' the sachets per se. But, I had accumulated quite some of these for good use
and to form an opinion. And let me spoil your suspense: If I could make a list of worst products I have ever come across, this one would surely be on the top of the list.

My Experience: At first I was happy because I thought this was an inexpensive dupe of Lotus Herbals Sunblock SPF70+++ which I 'love'. But, this one proved, you do not always find dupes at a lesser price.

The product itself looks fleshtone or beige colored if you prefer and it's a thick cream. But then, it's not only a thick cream, it's rubbery which is very difficult to blend out. If you are wearing a moisturizer, which you always should anyway, it would just slip and m,ove around.
On bare clean skin, it spreads better, but even then, the effect is patchy.
I had tried to make this work, but every time, I just had to wash/wipe my face at the end.

Verdict: Nothing. We do not like rubbery products that does blend at all and rather moves around and even if you struggle and manage hard, it ends up as distinctly patchy beige sections on your face. I cannot comment on the efficacy of a product that I was not even able to put on my skin properly.
Ultimately, I had to throw out all the three sachets.

Do you plan to buy this after the review?


  1. I never tried vlcc skincare products! This sounds super bummer! Thank you so much sharing...

    1. Yes. Lately, I had such a good experience with theie 2in1 scrub pack. But, this is just a shock!

  2. I've used a sachet of this n duh :/

    1. Yeah! That's the only reaction I would expect! :P

  3. I have tried this one in the past and it is such a dud! The Lotus Herbals Matte one is amazing!

    1. Lotus makes the best sunscreens IMO.

  4. Thats a bummer :/
    Never tried it, don't think i will after the review either!



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