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Shop on with CouponRani.com:Online Shopping made easier

With the changing lifestyle of the Indian consumers, the entrepreneurs are also changing their strategies. To accommodate out busier lifestyle, we have seen the rise of e-stores here. Honestly, most urban ladies, especially the beauty addicts( including me), have got the taste of online shopping and there are offers running on the sites as well.
Counpon Rani Review

Now that we have various sites with offers on skincare products, apparel, electronics and even food, there are again new set of entrepreneurs on the scene who are, it seems making life even easier.

 How? Sites like CouponRani.com have the archive of the offers and discounts going on in the major sites.
Bottom line? You won't have to click around to find if your favorite site is offering any particular discount, or even better, you wont have to hop around trying to find out if there are discounts on specific categories or which sites are offering them. Just visit the site and you have your answer. Here is a screenshot of the page,

 Say, you are looking forward to discounts on apparel, Trendin has good offers going on. So, check the Tredin Coupons


Not only that, say you love food and foodpanda happens to be a saviour, just check out these Foodpanda coupons/offers at the site.

 In fact, there are tons of coupons ranging from travel tickets to electronic goods. Just check them out.

So, I guess, we have a new kid on the block and it is going to help a lot of busy and lazy bones around.

This is a sponsored post and I have been compensated to spread the word around. :)


  1. I had reviewed this website too.. it is a nice website which helps u save extra bucks on shopping :)

    1. Exactly. I am so digging into the concept.

  2. Looks like a great website. Loved their concept ... Brilliantly reviewed dear

    1. Thank you Shreya. Yes, I feel, I won;'t have to jump around looking for coupons.

  3. I love this site. Loads of coupons to choose from!

    1. True. They have coupons almost for every site.


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