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Let the opera begin with Soap Opera bathing bars!!!!

Summer is back and so is my long showers. Tell you secretly, I like summers because I can bathe for long hours and not fall ill. So, with summer, my bathing products are back on the shelves and this time Soap Opera added to my stash. I have been sent these small soap samples which I have been loving. the photos you see have been shot before I opened the soaps.

Now, the specialty of these soaps are that these are free from carcinogens, harmful chemicals, non toxic
and are supposed to be good on the skin. The ones I have are little samples of the size of toilet soaps. In fact, it is written on the soaps that they are so. So, I am not sure if these are meant for hand washes or bathing as toilet actually means personal care and grooming.

My Experience:
These soaps are strong in scents and they smell good.The smell lingers on the skin for some time and bathing is a relaxing session for me. The soaps are drying and they lather well. They work well with a loofah. In order to test out, I had even washed my hair with these. ( yes, at times I do that :D) and it tangled my hair and stripped off the moisture. So, I assume these are not very gentle. nevertheless, on hot summer days, when you are sweating profusely or want to feel fresh and clean, these could be good option.

Non toxic, sulphate free, paraben free, non carcinogenic.
Smell really amazing.
Bathing becomes a relaxing session.
Lathers well. So, a loofah bath makes you feel really clean and good.
The scent does ot vanish after a few uses.
There are plenty of options.If you are not the floral scent kind of person, you can always go for spice ones. They smell good too!

Not so likes:

75 for 100 grams is a bit too much. These are not even glycerin soaps.
These are available only online and I am not sure if cash on delivery is available. I wish these were more moisturizing.

Verdict: These are good soaps if you are looking for feel good factors. but these could be even better.

Besides these, I have no other complaints and as far as I am concerned.If you want to try out these, you can directly purchase the products from their e store www.puresense.co.in

PR sample. Honest review.


  1. Honest Review I am sure they smell awesome but its too pricey..

    1. Thanks Simran. I agree with you. They are pretty pricey.

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  4. They all look so lovely ! Well reviewed dear <3 <3

  5. I'll Surely Check These Out!

  6. the soaps look attractive n yummy too,,, nice review dear


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