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Sunsilk Natural Recharge does recharge my hair on long hot summer days.

Let me begin with a very frank note, Sunsilk products as a whole, works very well for me. I think for the last 4 years, it has been my go to hair care brand. I had consistently used the Pink variant, then the yellow variant, the Radiant Shine (?) variant, the Black Shine and now Natural Recharge.I feel, Sunsilk is coming out with better formulae every time. Oh, by the way, the Keratinology Detox Shampoo is my favorite detox shampoo.

So, when Natural recharge was launched, I definitely had high expectations. Honestly, it has exceeded that.

My experience: My hair is dry-ish with scalp that gets oily. So, I need something that is gentle and yet, would get rid of the oily and greasiness. The ginseng root extract etc. I thought ( and still think is
gimmick), but as I keep saying 'whatever works for me, is good for me).
The shampoo:I found, the shampoo lathers well, but unlike most harsh lathering shampoos, this lather has something gentle about it and my mum also says the same. It feels good and mild on the hair. Kind of,' you are removing the grease, but adding some natyural moisture' kind of feeling. I wash my hair twice ( don't jump at me. I need that) and follow up with the conditioner.
The conditioner: It's a conditioner which is neither too thick, nor too runny.

After the wash: No, the hair does not feel extremely soft in an unnatural way, but it feels like what hair should feel like, neither too soft nor harsh. It's like my natural hair only shinier. My hair is fine and frizzy. It does not do much with frizz, but never weighs it down.

The bounce remains for at least three days which means, my hair wash is cut down to twice a week (approx).

The Pros:

  1. 400ml for 219 INR is not expensive. The conditioner is priced around 64 INr for 80 ml.
  2. Makes the hair soft and shiny and bouncy.
  3. Does not leave residue.
  4. Does not strip your hair off all the moisture.
  5. Does not weigh my hair down.
  6. Paraben free.
  7. Available easily.

Cons: Have not found any.

Verdict: This is another good product from Sunsilk. You should try it out. But if you have coarse, thick and dry hair, I would ask you to replace the conditioner with something more moisturizing.

By the way, though Sunsilk does not advertise this anywhere, these are paraben-free as the bottle and the tube claims.

PS: I had shot wonderful photos of the products. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the memory card and I lost some invaluable images for my blog as well as of some events. :(