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A Page from the Diary of Walter Millard

June 14, 1887
Dingwall, Scotland

Today was a very eventful day. In the morning, as I woke myself, said my prayers and dressed, I chanced to notice that the thick veil of mist of the previous night had thinned and a soft ray of sun was promising a joyful day.
After days of darkness and cold, it would have been unwise not to take the opportunity of going out angling. My equipment and boater were near at hand. I collected my rod, ample of line (should the day prove to be a lucky one) and my favourite fishing fly ‘Black Dog’.

As I sat on a ledge near Spey, the gentle sun and pleasant breeze lifted my spirit. The sun played on the cold and clear water ripples captivating me with the enchanting beauty. Right then, I perceived a nibble at Black Dog. I waited patiently and something took the bait! After a very long struggle and hours in the sun, I landed my fish. Never again have I beheld a brown trout more beautiful! Lifting it, I estimate it to be of more than a pound. Joyous day! By then, the sun had already inclined towards the west and I turned back home with a glad heart.
The fish made an excellent dinner. But it was not cooked until I made a proud display of it to my guests who marveled at the size of my catch.
The day is well-spent. But it could not end like any other day. It called for celebration and I cannot conceive of a better way than serving my guests the whisky which James Mackinlay has so perfectly blended. Everyone seemed merry. Indeed, a bright and sunny day spent angling and ending with my finest whisky cannot but be called the, most joyous day.

Disclaimer: This is a completely fictitious work. None of the information is true to fact.
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