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Appreciation with Time; Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Scotland has always been a land of mysteries. The thick veils of mists  and the beautiful gales are the breeding ground of the unexplained. If this land of mysteries is the birth-place of  Scotches, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve definitely has an aura about it. Does the first drink reveal its secret? No. The pure liquid gold is a tease. 

On your first drink, look through the glass and watch the amber color come alive. Stay mesmerized and
drift away in a reverie to a land shrouded by cold mists and to the cloches where water run deep and crystalline.

The companionship of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is your time — the time for reverie and the time for yourself. Doesn’t it get better?

Yes, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve improves the experience of drinking from one day to the next.

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