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Incolor Blush 14 is my new BFF now! Check out this beauty.

I am always looking for inexpensive but good products. ( Not that I do not indulge at times.) My Bourjois Blush was used up. Alright, I wont fret over it anymore and along came Incolor Blush! I had picked this up at Beauty Shop, Kandivilli, Mumbai. ( Check out my haul here). And ever since my first use, I am in LOVE!!!

Review of Incolor Blush
Incolor Blush 14

How the Blush is:
it comes in a simply packing with ingredient list at the back. This is cruelty-free and
the blush in itself is quite of large size.

Review of Incolor Blush 14
I love the dome shape

It's a bright pink or that pinched pink color and there are golden veins which add mild shimmer. On the skin, the shimmer is quite visible, but is not chunky to make the blush unfit for day time use.
dupe of Bourjois Paris Rose D'Or
Isn't this beautiful?

 On swirling the brush, the pink and the gold blend in and gives that perfect blend of warm and cool tone and the effect of the cheeks is just awesome!( I am extremely bad at photography and my camera does not pick up the color on the skin nicely. I hope to do a makeup look. But my everyday looks are so natural, it is indeed difficult to show in photos.)
Swatches of Incolor Blush 14
Swatches of Incolor Blush 14

I suspect the golden veins are just sprays on top because, as the blush is flattening out, the golden veins are disappearing, so are those mild shimmers.

drugstore dupe of Bourjois Paris Rose D'Or
Love that pink!

The staying power is good
. Stays on for along time. but the shimmer vanishes. I have worn it for around  hours in winter and it faded after that. Since, I constantly keep blotting my skin, I am not the best person to comment on the staying power.