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Maturity Refines or Defines Triple Gold Reserve

So, you are a connoisseur. You enjoy ‘finesse’. You have discovered that the real age of this blended Scotch Black Dog Triple Gold reserve does not matter. Then, how does this pure delight become so refined? The answer again, lies in the name. The ‘Triple’ in the ‘Triple Gold Reserve’ stands for the triple maturation process. 

The single malt whisky is matured for a long time in casks. Then, the other blend, grain whiskey which has been matured for a long time as well is brought together. The maturities of the two join hands and
as they blend in perfect proportions, they stay together for a long time to become one. This perfect blend then lives together as one for sometime to gain maturity.

So, it might not be too old, but it has been through situations to become wiser and to become the refines Triple Gold reserve.

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