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My Glamorous Red Carpet look with L'Oreal: LOTD

Like last year, this year I was supposed to create a Red Carpet Look with L'Oreal. I was taking my time trying to think of one and also, I did need time. ( Exams next week. ) Anyway, here is the look I created.
Red Carpet Look
Easy and Glamorous Red Carpet Look

It's so difficult to shoot your own photos! Anyway, here are some photos

First, my Photo Roll
Photo roll of red Carpet Look by Nivedita
Easy and Glamorous Red Carpet Look

And the photos
Red Carpet Look with L'Oreal Flaming Kiss
Glamorous Look

The Narcissus in me wouldn't stop at one

Easy Red Carpet Look by Nivedita
Glamorous Look of the day

I wish I had a dslr because the photos lack the clarity which I want :(

Cannes inpired red carpet look
Easy glamorous look

I mostly used L'Oreal products for this look. Except for the Eyeshadow, blush and setting powder, almost everything is from L'Oreal. Here are the products in focus:

L'Oreal products to create a glamorous look
L'Oreal makeup

And one more

L'Oreal makeup for Cannes

I think this look is very versatile. You can wear it with any silver, golden, beige or any of nude colored outfits. This should work with red and also with black or blue or green.

Hope you like the look.