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Pond's Selfie Ready Bag is set to save the day!

Love yourself? Love to be the queen? Realizing the drive of women to be on top and also realizing the various roles a woman has to play in modern world and her busy schedule, Pond's had come up with the Selfie Ready Campaign.

Photo of Pond's Selfie ready Bag
The Bag is so busy that it refuses to sit in peace

 They also shared a kit which consists of the bare essentials which they contributed to make life

Here is what I have got.
What's inside Pond's Selfie Ready Bag
Inside Pond's selfie ready bag

What's inside the Pond's Selfie Ready Bag?
A Pond's BB Cream (happens to be one of my favorite) which saves you the time for putting on different layers of moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation because it is everything rolled into one.

A selfie ready mirror. ( It satiates the Narcissus in me).

And a scroll! No, it's not the dragon scroll, but varies slightly. It gives tips about how to shoot a selfie!

Isn't the bag beautiful?

Now, go and start taking selfies!

The bag has been shared by the brand.