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Sunsilk Blackshine Shampoo: Did my hair shine?

If you have noticed, I keep constantly harping how Sunsilk works for my hair. I have tried so many variants and since my whole family also loves the brand, normally, I keep looking for the jumbo size. This elephantine bottle cost me somewhere around 300 bucks I think and as usually I was expecting all the good things... especially on reading " Black shine".
Sunsilk Stunning Blackshine Shampoo

My Experience:
Package: This was the first time, the bottle came with a faulty pump. No matter how hard I try, nothing
would come up. My mum solved the problem by replacing the black pump with the pump of the pink variant. ( Lucky, I had not thrown away that bottle).

Photo and review of Sunsilk Blackshine Shampoo
Sunsilk Stunning Blackshine Shampoo

Product:The shampoo lathers well... but it does not cleanse my hair well, it does not make my hair soft or shiny and yes, on continuous use, leave some kind of dry residue and instead of 'black shine', I am left with dry hair that had almost started falling before I started using this every now and then.

My mum also had a similar experience and she detested this one.

I love Sunsilk, but I am staying away from this particular formula.

Repurchase? Out of question.

I am currently using the Radiant Shine variant and also using Soulflower's Shampoo Bar along with some conditioners and it has been working well.
I am no way going near this particular shampoo.