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The Water of Life (And Merry-making): Triple Gold Reserve

If you love fairy tales and fantasy movies, you might be given to the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’. Did you notice the communal set up of the tales? The heroes celebrate with a feast and casks of liquors are poured out and drunk out of goblets of horns.

True, whisky is the ‘water of life’; Scotch is the best of the magic water. It belongs to the old world and what is that beautiful world without brave heroes and heroines and celebrations with singing and
dancing and a carnival? Where does that spirit of merriment come from? Where does that ‘spirit’ come from? The answer is ‘the casks’.

The casks hold the secret of spirit, the water of life. Black Dog puts magic in its casks which are no ordinary casks. The individual whiskies are matured in American Bourbon Casks and then the blend is matured again in sherry casks. Let not the sherry casks fool you. Made from Oloroso butts selected from Spain's noblest Bodegas of Gonzalez Byass in Jerez de la Frontera and are aged in finest Oloroso Sherry for 30 years.

Let the good times begin! Cheers to the ‘water of life’ and of course cheers to Triple Gold Reserve!

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