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Triple Gold Reserve: Not for the faint-hearted and Indians love it!

Whiskies and scotches have a special place in the heart of Indians because Indians like it strong. The gastronomic instinct of Indians are so tuned that strong tea and strong liquor find a place in the Indian drinking household. In fact, liquors, specially whiskies and Scotches are the special treats that many Indian celebrations cannot do without.

Can you imagine a Punjabi wedding without drinks?> Nah, it would be like food without salt or peacock without its dazzling plume. Can you imagine Sikkim without ‘Chhang’? No. Indians love their
liquors strong and those who love their whiskies; they enjoy Scotch for special occasion. Triple Gold Reserve, the young in age, but old at heart is the best bet for the finest scotch.

So, cheers!!

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