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What is ‘Age’? A mere count of years if it is Triple Gold Reserve

Certain things in life get better with age. Scotches and wines do. But, like there are some extraordinary individuals who defy all norms and set their own norms, there are extraordinary drinks who set their own norms.

Yes, mysterious as it is, Black Dog triple Gold reserve is no ordinary Scotch. With mysteries of Scotland in its soul, it defies all norms which Scotches follow. Each of the whiskies in the blend
is quite mature and the blend is matured once again. The thrice maturation process ensures that Black Dog Triple Gold reserve is as good as any 12 year old Scotch.  At least, that is what the connoisseurs say.

So, age is not a factor anymore. It is merely a count of years. At least, if it is Triple Gold Reserve.

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