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Can skin really feel 'silky'? Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum proved that it is not a myth.

Have you ever loved a product so much that you do not know where to start gushing? That exactly is happening to me. Lakme has recently come up with a lot of skincare launches and honestly,I did not give much thought because I thought those would be the same products in new and better looking bottles. Naturally, when I took a look at the bottle,even though I gasped at the beautiful bottle, yet, did not expect much from the product itself. But then, having almost finished up the bottle, I am now sure, what to say about it.
Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum
Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum

My experience:

I have never used serums before. My sister happened to try it out and she was awestruck! T
he fluid is just silky and it does make the skin feel silky and soft and moisturizes with proper
hydration without giving you the feeling that you have put on anything! In a few minutes, practically, you feel you have nothing on your face, only the skin feels truly pampered.

I did not like the 'whitening tag'. But I was looking ahead to some amount of SPF. No, nothing is mentioned regarding SPF and so, I normally wear this in the evening and since my skin is oily now, I also use this as my night time moisturizer.
Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum
Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum

In this heat, I have more than often gone out in the sun and I never skin my sunscreen. Yet, I feel my skin, combined with sunscreen has not tanned at all!

Plus, after about one and half months, my skin does look cleaner. No, it's not fairer, but overall, most of the red scars have lost their redness and the scars on my forehead look way less visible.

What I loved:
  1. The texture. It's incredibly smooth and leaves the skin silky!
  2. Did not break me out.
  3. Helps in reducing redness of scars left by acne.
  4. overall improvement in skin tone.
  5. I am using this bottle for more than one and half months ( mostly twice daily and two pumps for my entire face and neck) and a good amount is still left.
  6. There is no strong scent.
  7. The packaging is wonderful.The pink bottle with the twist up nozzle is very easy to carry around.

What I did not love:

Come on Lakme, you did a wonderful job with everything. but it wouldn't kill to make this available for a hundred or two hundred rupees less.799 INR for 30 ml is too much!

A Note:

This serum is supposed to be the base for the day cream. But along with the day cream, my skin did not break out, but it felt too heavy for summer.
 May be I would try it in the winter.

I am saving the day cream. I would be buying the night cream and use the day and night routine.

How do I know there is still something left?

The pump had stopped working for sometime. I could feel there was some product left. I dismantled the bottle and tightened the tube inside. That fixed everything.

Yes, go ahead and call me crazy!

Shall I repurchase? Like most beauty addicts, I get bored of products. but when

my skin needs some serious care, or in order to save my skin from tan, I am

reaching back to this.
In short, of course I am buying this!

A Tip for dry skinned beauties: Wear this as a base of your day cream from the lie, or of any other moisturizer of your choice. You might not be able to stop touching your face.

Have you seen this range from Lakme yet?

product by the brand: Honest review.