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Here and There : Bishnupur( Bankura) plus Garpanchkot ( Purulia)

A trip by Simi :
This was my real holiday trip after a 20-year long gap since I visited North India with my family. So I knew it had to be special! And packed all my colouful and sombre woollens, accessories and makeup!

The Destinations –

I went with my Aunt (Pishi) and her family, and we didn’t go on a package tour. So the destinations were chosen according to our wish. Bishnupur was a blast, for we shopped till we dropped! And then to take down the mercury a bit, we relaxed in Garpanchkot, a hill-station near Panchyet and Asansol.

Bishnupur Government Guest House
<!--[if gte mso 9]> Bishnupur Govt. Guest house (Love this chunky handknit long muffler made by a sis-in-law!)

The terracotta

Terracotta of Bishnupur West Bengal
The famous terracotta of Bishnupur

The Haul –

The annual Bishnupur fair was at its peak when we reached there, so the evenings consisted of habitual bargaining, lifting shopping bags or rather transferring them to the male members of the family! The terracotta dolls and jewellery deserves extra mention, apart from the shawls and the famous “balichuri” sari. My Pishi got one in sea green, but sorry I don’t have the picture here!

What to buy from Bishnupur
My Bishnupur Haul: Not too much, right? ;-)

The Relaxation –

Bishnupur was spent in shopping and sight-seeing. The real fun of vacation came when we reached Garpanchkot in Purulia District. It’s a little known interior hill-station. Nothing much to see other than a nearby Santhal village, but that has become pretty much urbanized with blaring loudspeakers. The forest department’s cottage we booked was too beautiful to be true.
Cottage at Garpanchkot
The cottage at Garpanchkot (And I experimented with a red polka hairband)
And Me?

Well, I soaked it all in! Dressed to my heart’s content! Hogged the limelight after a long long time, with the wonderful weather taking care of my oily skin and the misty fog making it all look so dreamy!
Dining Hall at Garpanchkot

That’s the dining hall at Garpanchkot

That’s the dining hall at Garpanchkot

My Fav look –

I finally got to sport my latest oversized shades and tried my hands at red lips with faded gray sweatshirt. Tell me how it was?

Terracota temple in Purulia
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That was my little tit-bit. Hope you liked it!

Editor’s Note: Simi! I loved your trip! I have always wanted to visit places which are near at hand, yet, never managed to do so. Your vivid description and personal touch with that typical Simi-esque quirky style just did a magic. I have some connections at Bankura. Now I think I might badger them for a trip.
I hope you do more of travel writing.
And how you look? You always look so adorable! Even at the University, I remember being taken aback by the friend who would turn up in skirts on one day, jeans of the next and a Taant saree on the next! You are one of the most witty and smartest persons I have ever known!

To the readers: I sincerely apologize for the long delay in posting this wonderful travel account. I had been a bit too caught up. But stay tuned to read more from Simantini