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Reader's Query: How to battle break outs

A friend and reader is in skin distress.

She says,"My face is full of acne, pimples, white-heads and blackheads at the moment. I have not changed any of my skin care products and I don't indulge in make-up but, still it has been acting up since last month. Please help?"
Dear friend,
I have battled with acne for a long time and I am still battling. So, I understand how embarrassing it gets when people start asking the dumb question, 'what's that on your face?' and you want to say, ' Acne stupid! What else can be there? Chicken pox?'

Don't be afraid of makeup. Good makeup won't harm your skin provided you remove it meticulously. I have a few suggestions  for this situation and I am suggesting a routine and also some products which is working great for me. Most of them are affordable.

Since you did not mention your skin type, I am assuming it is oily. In any case, the following routine should help with acne.

For Face Wash:
Garnier Pure active Face wash and The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash
Garnier Pure Active face Wash and The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash

Garnier Pure Active Face Wash contains salicylic acid and dries out the zits.It is very effective.

If you want something fancy which is effective as well, my current favorite is The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash. Mind, you won't see the effect in a day or two. But after a week it starts working. But this product did not work for some. So, I suggest you to try Garnier.

Another very effective face wash for oily skin is the original version of Clean and Clear Face Wash.
It is damn good for oily or acne prone skin.

Face Pack:

I think most mud or clay based face packs work. But, I suggest getting any of these because these work the best for me.
Lakme Clean up Himalaya mud pack
Lakme Clean Up Face Pack and Himalaya Mud Pack

Lakme Clean Up Face Mask is not too strong. It doesn't dry out the skin per se. Depending on how your skin feels, use it every alternate days. Yes. That's what I do if I am having break outs.
Himalaya Herbals Mud Pack is really nice. But it dries out the skin more than Lakme. It should work well.

Since you need to dry out the zits, I suggest Biotique Bio- Cucumber Toner. It claims to be alcohol free. But I suspect it contains alcohol. But whatever it is, it does 'sanitize' the skin.


 Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Lotion contains salicylic acid. It worked well for me. But I hear it broke out some. I'm not sure what to say on this. Unless you are allergic to salicylic acid, you could try this out. Else, go for any light water based moisturizer of your choice.

Clean and Clear Face Moisturizer
Clean and Clear Moisturizer

Since your skin is acting out and since these products would be drying, do not skip sunscreen. I normally get more breakouts if I skip my sunscreen. I would suggest,

Loreal Aqua Essence Sunscreen and Lotus Herbals sunblock
L'Oreal Sunscreen and Lotus Herbals Sunblock

L'Oreal Aqua Essence UV Protector: There are two variants I have tried. if you want some coverage, check the review here. If you don't care about coverage, try this variant( shown in the photo and reviewed here).

If Lotus Herbals suits you, wear this one. It protects the skin really well.

CAUTION: Avoid the moisturizer and toner in the eye contour. Wear something moisturizing for that area.

That said, I am not a dermatologist. Since your skin is suddenly acting out, there could be many reasons. Hormones, stress ( exam days, ask me), something internal ( immunity; I had a horrible time and I still am on specials medicines. My immunity was down and I had suffered bad break outs. I followed this routine.)

I would ask you to refrain from using any scrubs. Try this routine for a month.

Eat well. Don't starve yourself. Include lots of fruits and proteins and vitamin supplements. If you see any improvement after a month, well and good. But if you do not, ensure that you do go and see a doctor.

If you see your skin feels dry, that would be normal. We are drying out the zits.

Hope this routine helps. I would be really happy if you update my on this routine in any case. I mean, do letme know if this worked. Also let me know if this did not. There might be more silent readers who might benefit from your feedback.

Hope you get better.