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L'oreal BB Cream: My Skin But Better!!

I am addicted to products with sunscreens. Yes, I am. I noticed my skin behaves better and looks and feels better when I regularly use sunscreen based products even when I am home. Besides, if there is something which would provide coverage or even out skin tone and moisturize a bit, it would always continue to be a best friend.
In the hoopla about BB Creams, L'Oreal also took the plunge.
Photo of L'Oreal BB Cream Honey
L'Oreal BB Cream Honey

What I found about this cream: 
The first and foremost, ' Oh! It's so light! Won't be working for me'. Next I applied it on my face and ' Yeah, it looks white'. A few minutes later, ' My skin is looking awesome!!'.

The cream is very light in color and on application looks white. But fear not.

Give it a few minutes and the cast goes away and the skin looks very even.
photo pf L'oreal BB Cream warm color
L'Oreal BB Cream

A mystery:
On close inspection I saw it does not hide scars and marks. Yet, somehow my skin looks even and those lose their prominence. In short, my skin looks like my skin with all its flaws, yet, it looks way better and even.

What I like:
  1. The fact that my skin looks like my skin and yet looks way better.
  2. I had heard that it's oily. I would say it's just the opposite. it works perfectly on my oily skin. Yet, on my less oily days, I have to use a moisturizerunderneath.
  3. Has high sun protection of SPF 35 PA +++. What could I seek more?
L'Oreal BB Cream Honey Swatch


I have not found any so far. At around 550 INR and such high sun protection and beautiful finish, I am happy. Seriously, no complaints so far.

I have an LOTD somewhere I have to dig out. It was just I was in the mood to freshen up a bit and meet my sister at my niece's dance class.

Have you used this BB Cream? Like or dislike?

Product by the brand. Opinion mine.