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Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intense Sunblock Spray SPF 50 UVA 16: Lotus knows how to make sunscreens!

( Must read till the end). I don't live without sunscreens and neither should you. Even if you love tans, go for fake tans. Being NC40-42, I love my skintone. I feel almost lipstick color works for me! :D I like that advantage!

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intense Sunblock Spray SPF 50 for oily skin
 Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intense Sunblock Spray SPF 50 UVA 16

Yes, I am rambling again! I always prefer high protection sunscreens and when I had spotted this beauty, Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intense Sunblock Spray SPF 50 UVA 16, I would not let it go. It has
been there with me through thick and thin and even traveled around in my bag. If you have noticed, my products normally look very new even when I have used them up. But this one has had it's share of bad time. :D

My Experience and what I like about it:

It's a spray bottle. it means, in case you wear something deep at the back, you won't have trouble. But no, the white watery liquid needs to by massaged. it doesn't come out as mist and does not get wasted.

The product itself is white in color and has watery texture. No, it did not feel heavy on my skin. My skin is super oily at the moment. I did not need extra moisturizing. But I did need it in the winter when my skin gets parched and drinks up everything I put on.

  1. It does keep tanning at bay.
  2. Non oily.
  3. Easy to apply.
  4. Good quantity. 80 ml for around 200 INR when I had bought it.
  5. SPF 50. UVA 16.

Cons: I prefer complete UVA protection of  +++.

I simply am extremely happy with this sunscreen. But since I had used this one over a long time, I am looking in other direction.

Overall: I would like to repurchase this again.

My Friend's Experience: I had suggested this to one of my friends. She has intense pigments on her lids caused by the sun. Like, it was just kind of deep brown. She started using this on my sugestion. In the beginning, every time she used it, those dark patches would sting a bit. But since there was no specific visible reaction, she continued ( which I did not know about). In about a month or two, those dark patches were completely gone!

I am not saying that you should use a product even if it burns, stings or cause any irritation. I am just giving you information.

Have you used this sunscreen? What sunscreen are you using right now?