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The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash might be that facial wash you have been looking for.

When I use face washes, I prefer the foaming ones which would remove most of my makeup. Naturally, when I got The Body Shop tea Tree Face wash, I was expecting something like that. But no. Since it is mild, it does not lather much. This is the reason why it sat in a corner with little Jack Horner until I found it again.
The Body Shop tea Tree Face Wash for Oily skin
The Body Shop tea Tree face Wash

My skin is going through phases. it has been behaving well. But since I had issues with my immunity, I
was falling ill over and over again and definitely, the skin also broke out badly at one point. Along came this face wash and I am happy.

I cannot really place my finger on this single product for my skin, but I think my overall skincare routine is helping me here. Still, let me share my experience with this.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash
TBS Tea Tree face Wash

What I found:

This one is a runny textured facewash which does not lather much and would not give you that feeling of excessive cleaning. BUT, since you are way intelligent than me, you would know, that's the best part. I take a little on my wet palm and start rubbing and it does lather up a bit. I would quickly put that on my face and start massaging and then wash off and voila!

My skin does not over dry out and yes, I do feel the slight minty tingle of Tea Tree. I do not use it if I am wearing heavy makeup. But I am using it every morning and night and loving the effect so far. I see the deep seated acne has reduced ( which could be routine use of face packs as well and the light silky Lakme serum) . In short, my skin is behaving way nicer now.
Special use: Sometimes, while in the shower, I would use the residual lather to wash my under arms to get it germ free and I feel it keeps body odor at bay ( though I do not suffer  from it).


  • Lathers a bit.
  • Cleanses my face without over drying.
  • My skin does feel a slight tingle in a good way.
  • I am actually seeing my acne vanish.
  • I am using it twice a day for almost one and a half months and yet, 1/3 of the 250 ml bottle is still left. That way, though The Body Shop products are pricey, I would say, I am happy and I don't mind the price.



Oh, ok, I found one. I had bought this at around 445 INR. The Body Shop has hiked
it's price to a whoopping 695!!! Why Body Shop why? I mean, almost 250 more?!!!

I do recommend this for oily skin especially for acne prone.
PS: I have heard mixed reviews. For some it worked, for some it simply did not. I recommend using a mud pack every alternate days if you want to keep your acne at bay.

If you have used this before, let me know how it worked for you. Was it a hit or a miss? I would like to know.