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Vedic Line Onglow Day Cream did not leave my skin glowing

If you have noticed, for some time, most of the products I have been featuring have been hits with me. The main reason being, these days I have stopped mindless shopping. I have simply reached a saturation point where I do not want to 'buy' more makeup. I am using up and throwing away products like nobody's business. I am simply decluttering. This blog, more than being an archive of product reviews, I am making it more about me! Yes, the narcissistic me!
Vedic Line Onglow Day Cream
VedicLine Onglow Day Cream

Anyway, Vedicline products had mostly worked. So, when I had seen this on great discounts I bought it.
Well, I wish I did not. End of story!
Oh, not exactly! Because I AM going to review it as a warning to other girls. :D

My experience:
Like most Vedicline products, one needs to use this on wet/moist face. I normally diluted this with water. I started using this in winter when my skin was extremely dry.

Vedic Line Onglow Day Cream
Vedic Line Onglow Day Cream

  • It failed to provide hydration.
  • I thought it might be suitable for summer. It felt too heavy. It did not moisturize, but it is too rich for my acne prone skin ans yes, it did give me an acne break out.

No pros, only Cons. For cons, read above ( in case you did not go between the lines) :D

Long story short, this is not the cream I want or recommend.

Have you tried the Vedicline products? How do they work for you?