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VLCC Anti Tan face Wash: Stay away I say!

It might seem that I am in a stint of reviewing products which did not work for me. Yes, VLCC Tan Lightening has joined that club of product failures for me and it is permanently off the list.
VLCC Anti Tan Skin Lightening face Wash
Excuse the blurry photo. It did not deserve the second chance

Why I bought it: About a year and a half ago, I and a classmate of mine has gone to pick up something from Spencer's. We noticed this BOGO offer and were delighted to find the tubes were pretty big. But such huge tubes were not exactly what we were looking for. What we did was, bought a pair and split it. :D

My experience:
  1. This doesn't lather too well.
  2. Doesn't cleanse too well.
  3. Has orange beads which do scratch my breakouts and make them worse.
  4. The orange beads are not soluble in water and I suspect that they are synthetic and every time I used it, I felt guilty about further adding to water pollution directly. ( I know, I know).
  5. I did not see any tan lightening effect either. I did not use it too regularly as well.

In short: I did not find any pro.

Buy at your own risk. See you!